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Always awesome!

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Not enough great words can describe the AWESOMENESS that is Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America. When's the LAST writer who has had this long of a run been this consistently brilliant? 
What I love about this next arc is how it's a metaphor for America's atrocities during war. What is symbolic is Captain America is FLAWED much like America is...and now, the question IS...why should we give too stones about this country? Is there more to be thankful about America or should we take the 50 Cent way, don't vote, don't care, and say well it's ALL out of our hands?  
The trial for America begins NOW.

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Wow this looks like it gonna be reallly good...

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I love Ed Brubaker but have read so little of his run on this title. I need to catch up with trades or something. Acuna's art is always a plus as well!
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kennedy, a skrull!? LOL
and nice obama voice ;)

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I've been looking forward to this for a while.  Great job; can't wait to pick this up

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Was one of the voices Elmo?

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lol Black Widow sounds like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle :D

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I noticed that to. Weird ain't?
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Vinny Caravella for president...

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Wow, this preview theater was the best one ever. Period. All the Voice acting was top notch, especially the guy who Did Steve's voice. Absolutely amazing, good job everyone.

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Kennedy was a skrull LOL 
Gotta love comics =)

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Can't wait
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Another awesome impression of wolverine/nick fury/hawkeye by Tony.  =D

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hahaha nice job - awesome to see how these things come together.  nice obama, vinny :D

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I say @AHR:  should be Black Widow's voice actress from now on! Who's with me?
Also I loved Vinny's Obama! That was great!

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Damn who knew he was a total bad ass!
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Whoa.  Some heavy stuff in Captain America.   
AHR's voice as Black Widow was great.  
EDIT:  Had to watch this again.  All the voices were great, nice job by all!   
I have to ask---what is with the moaning or whatever at the end of every Preview Theater?  Almost sounds like a dog whimpering, but I think its G-Man.
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That had to be one of my favorite Preview Theatres yet!  Great job everyone!
...LMAO...JFK a Skrull...makes you wonder, doesn't it...

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@KRYPTON said:
"Always awesome! "

what he said
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Really good review!  Very entertaining!   I like this storyline but the review makes me want to get this nes issue even more.  Keep up the good work.
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Very nice! :)

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that was kinda weird Hawkeye sounds just like Deadpool most confusing thing ever

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Anna is a better Black Widow than Scarlett Johannsen .True Story.

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Kennedy a Skrull? Is that a joke?
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You guys are getting good at this.  :P

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great preview.  I really enjoyed reading this issue.  It looks like this is going to be a really interesting story arc.  I wonder if this trial is somehow related to what they referred to about Bucky in Avengers #6

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@N7_Normandy: I liked how Hawkeye mentioned to Stark that he's the one that has seen the future.
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@G-Man said:
" @N7_Normandy: I liked how Hawkeye mentioned to Stark that he's the one that has seen the future. "
yeah, that was pretty cool when that happened. Well, I guess we'll see what's happening fairly soon
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That was awesome! Thanks and well done.

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jfk was a skrull? i knew it lol
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sorry but Vinnie's Obama is the funniest I've ever heard ;)

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Pretty entertaining. G-man was hawkeye?

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awesome view clip!