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Here's the regular preview if you wanna follow along at home.


(W) Sam Humphries (A) Andre Araujo (CA) David Marquez

• HERE COMES INHUMANITY...and ol' Hornhead himself!

• Cleaning up New York in the wake of INFINITY, the A.I. find themselves at the mercy of...Grandma??!

• Daredevil + Ant-Man = a doctorate in Wisecracks and Hijinkery!

• Doombot finds his inner hero. Sort of.

Item Code: OCT130649 In Shops: 12/11/2013 SRP: $2.99

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@g_man: Good job on the voice acting Tony. I can't wait to read this issue next week. It looks like it gonna be fun. I'm really enjoying this series as well. I really can't wait to see how Daredevil interacts with this team.

Edited: I forgot to mention, I noticed you took my advice on Daredevil. It's not perfect but it was pretty good. Plus, it's not humanly possible for one person to do all types of voices. So, I wasn't really expecting it to be perfect.

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I love this title.

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Wouldn't DD's senses be able to distinguish a robot from a human? :)

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@danial79: Agreed! He used to hear heart beats.