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I would like to point out that a BIRD !! No seriously a F@CKING BIRD !!!!!!!!!!! is responsible for everything happening here 

Posted by dan1509

I didnt catch the first issue, really should check this out tho, I wana know what happened?

Posted by JarJarMinks

nice, these previews rock, I bet you guys love making them
Have this issue at the comic shop waiting for me so I'm curious if I'll hear your voices as I read these pages for first time.
Gotta say, sounds like I hear a little Beavis and Butthead influence in that Parker voice...lol

Posted by Realfruitjuice


Posted by ComicMan24

Very good guys. So we will finally know what happened.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I hope this issue is better than the last one.

Posted by Baddamdog

I love Babs acting :D

Posted by Lvenger

A BIRD?! That's the answer to why Peter and Mary Jane aren't married? LAME. After The Gauntlet and The Grim Hunt, I would have thought Marvel could keep the good wrting streak up for a bit longer

Posted by Mutant God

Too much drama with them
Posted by ldg220

Can't wait to pick this up

Posted by NXH

Oh dear Joe Q. What a mess you have made... :/

Posted by oiHooliganismoi


Posted by JCJQLB


Posted by punkelias

I didn't quite like Spider-man's last issues

Posted by sora_thekey
@IronSpidy-Rooney said:
" I would like to point out that a BIRD !! No seriously a FUCKING BIRD !!!!!!!!!!! is responsible for everything happening here  "
A RED BIRD dude!!! C'Mon think! ;)
I like Sara's acting as MJ here...
Posted by Primmaster64
@NXH said:

Oh dear Joe Q. What a mess you have made... :/

True. I'm gonna skip this
Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney
@sora_thekey: Don't worry I know who the bird was 
Posted by Joe Venom

Thanks for the preview, but I really feel that I would have felt better never reading the first part of this story. Sure I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy the scenes with the guy that has the good luck powers, but everything else just comes off as being rather boring.

Posted by super papercut


Posted by MrDirector786

Babs' voice acting was pretty good for MJ. It fit really well. But G-Man's was just flawless for Spider-man. :P

Posted by VIN31


Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

Wow I am actually pretty disappointed with OMIT so far. I mean I thought this was going to be some huge revalation thing where MJ and Peter were gonna get back together and now I hear Peter doesnt even wanna keep in touch with her anymore that just infuriates me!
Posted by Farley Deering

Excellent acting guys, especially Babs - should get you for MJ in the next movie - can you dye your hair red? 

Posted by ViciousCesar!

wait! i haven't even read the first chapter yet. i'll be back....

Posted by daken_2513

Im confused...Ill have to read the first chapter
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

This actually made me a bit more excited for this issue...

Posted by Comiclove5

You guys desrve emmys.
Posted by zombietag

can't wait to read this

Posted by NexusOfLight

Love these preview theaters. You guys got somethin' really spectacular here. Prodigious!

Posted by The Hobgoblin

It would've been much cooler had the "bird" let Electro escape instead of the chump we got. At least Electro still had his cool mask on at the time.
Posted by blade hunter


Posted by IIayK

spidey cooool!!!!!!!!

Posted by X-23_2513

cant wait to read more.

Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

Lame. So mephisto throws a bird into the loop, and mary jane doesn't become a parker. SAD FACE!!!!
Posted by G-Man

Not sure if some of the praise here was facetious or not, but thanks. There wasn't a huge selection of action packed previews this week.

Staff Online
Posted by Crimson Eagle

This was ome LONG preview theatre.
Edited by skaarason

i need more black suit spidey !

Posted by G'bandit


Posted by The_Warlord

This is awesome!

Posted by Ryonslaught

this looks good

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

Great Preview, but can we not present Peter in such a "nerd" tone. I think G-man's real voice would be just fine.

Posted by Blackestnight

I already ordered this one

Posted by G-Man
@AmazingSpiderMike: I'll blame the director of this video for Peter's tone.
Staff Online
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Why is Omit not that great I wish it was better

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

To hell with MJ, just hook up with Felicia and have a good time in and out of costume.

Posted by Retro_Metro

Things will get better Pete.

Posted by igman51

Posted by Bald Eagle

Whats with Peter Parker's voice?lol
Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

The last issue was terrible, I'm not sure I care what happens next.

Posted by Captain Bintang

sorry guys, not for me...

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