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I might have to pick this one up

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I actually just finished reading this, so it works out perfectly.

I agree with you G-Man, Power Girl is fun...it's charming. I found myself really enjoying the issue. It was well-written, well-paced, and the art was pretty good.

Without realizing it, I think I've kinda become attached to the series.    

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If you are using laser vision to shave your legs, why shaving cream? The expression work I really think is what sells the character. It probably keeps her from being just this big busted bimbo. It really helps sell her personality.
I personally liked her more short stature design in the Public Enemies movie.

Still, I would like to  see Adam Warren do a Powergirl comic. I still think I like Empowered more, because of just how much that series makes fun of itself.

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lol naughty bits
Powergirl seems like a really fun read. i love Amanda Conner's art. I wish i had the money to pick it up. may pick this up in trades

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This one of my fav books, it's such a cute little books, as much as I love Jimmy and Justin's writing , it kust wouldn't be the same without Amanda Conner

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I been liking what the creators been doing with this series! I love Amanda's art its what got me into the series :)

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Never did like the character Power Girl

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Where else can you see gun-toting elephants? Ehhh...Elephant-Men, of course.
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Power Girl is so great. I have to restart collecting the issues.

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Any knowledge of the DC universe needed for this one? If I picked this up it would be my only ongoing DC book.

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@Cpt. Quor: not really
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I'm beginning to really like Power Girl's comic's.

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Cool. I think I'll get one too.

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Great review, Great issue, I eagerly await the return of Vartox

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I noticed Babs wasnt anywhere to be seen on this review lol.

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Power Girl is a nice break from the crazy crossover crap that Geoff Johns comi-I mean DC comics has been putting out. Love the book. It has a lot of heart.

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It is a really fun read. It has been the entire time. 

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I like the Power Girl series, but, if you think, the "nude scene" makes less sense than the average bit of burlesque on Benny Hill. 
It picks up right where we left PG in the previous issue, getting far too little sleep after a battle with alien monsters and an encounter with Vartox (his first post-Crisis appearance I believe?).  She then jumps into a showerm where she shaves, brushes her teeth, and then hears something coming from her front door.  She sees an envelope and her x-ray vision reveals the envelope contains a photo of her changing to and/or from Karen Starr. 
 Clad only in a towel, she starts chasing after a kid (a shorter, pudgier version of Jimmy Olsen in appearance) who left the photo.  She dashes down the stairs after him, runs past a neighbor, and literally collars the kid, at which point her towel drops, giving the kid and the neighbor a good look at her naked body.  (The reader is not so lucky, due to a strategically placed bunch of carrots and an arm. 
To the best of my memory, and it's pretty good about these matters, this is the most we've seen of Power Girl ever since she appeared.  I have no problems with such scenes.  I well remember with a smile my first view of the classic Black Widow shower scene in Amazing Adventures Vol. II, No. 5.  (See http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2009/08/24/a-year-of-cool-comic-book-moments-day-236/ ) 
But I do like them to make sense. 
We've already seen Power Girl use her x-ray vision.  Why can't she use it to keep track of the kid?  (Don't tell me it's because her apartment walls are painted with lead-based paint?  Does anyone really believe that, if her apartment had such paint, she wouldn't have removed it soon after (or before) moving it to remove this impediment to one of her powers?)  Plus, she has super-speed!  She could've easily ducked back into her apartment, put on her clothes, and then resumed the chase so quickly that the kid would've had no chance to get away.  Yes, Power Girl's been shown to be hot-headed and impulsive.  But I think she would've done something to keep herself better covered before continuing the pursuit. 
I'm sorry, but I feel this was done purely to give PG fans a quick thrill.  (And long nights locked up in the bathroom.)
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@00 Raiser said:
" Never did like the character Power Girl "

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Really cute, the scene where she's naked was hilarious., And I'm so glad Atlee's back!!!! This book is amazing!!!!
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Can't seem to find this book in the wiki anywhere.

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oh wait... this is power girl vol 2, issue 9. does that come before the brand new power girl new beginning? or is that different?

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power girl is my favorite heroine and somehow i didn't knew she had a comic i feel bad :(