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Posted by Overlander

I think Bendis said it best in the Secret Avengers: you gotta pay off those student loans.

Posted by kgb725

More money in a faster way

Posted by Jayc1324

Higher pay, protection (sometimes), working with an established group? That's all I can think of. Maybe boredom or wanting to do higher level crimes.

Posted by Gar

because of the 1 Percenters...

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I can tell you why anyone works with the Joker

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

Free dental

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Henchin ain't easy but it's a motherf@ckin living.

Posted by wundagoreborn

The matching suits provide these outsiders with a needed sense of belonging.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I remember I asked the same thing months ago.

Posted by G-Man

No one's really touched on it much but I always see being a henchmen as crazy dangerous. You're basically cannon fodder for the Joker, Hydra, or whoever. Guess some don't mind the risk if there's a chance at a big payout.

Posted by leokearon

They have invisible brain boxes on their heads

Posted by Jacthripper

They think it gives them a better chance, a higher score.

Posted by Jacthripper

They think it gives them better chances and more money, or they are just crazy.

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My favorite was Art's comment on how petty crooks get paid.

Posted by Benk111

I think that being a petty criminal means you need money and can't get a job and becoming a henchmen means your doing it because your a bbad guy. also your less likely to get killed for failing to preform a task. and protection from other gangs.

Posted by RobotMonster

They don't get paid. They're all clones of Jengo Fett voted into existence byJar-Jar Binks.

Posted by kasino

there is bump up from petty crook to henchman money wise. like joining a cooperation over being an independent business.

Posted by Young_Murloc

Yea, I think its because of the benefits and maybe to one day work up the ranks to be a mastermind someday......and I think it pays a lot better than just random crook.

Posted by Bl00dwerK

Watch Venture Bros...

Posted by D9000

I imagine it's the type of job where you'd plan on doing it for a very short time, like just one week. The idea being that you can grab a big payout with a few days of work, then back to your normal life. But for a variety of reasons, you end up sticking around longer than you planned. Like for example the first payout is so great that you get hooked and want to keep the cash flowing, or the opposite where your first payout is low but if you just keep working for a bit longer you'll see that big payday. Then one day you wake up, upside down and covered in webbing, tied to a street lamp and wonder "where did the last 10 years go!" :'(