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Who doesn't love a good clone? Who doesn't love X-23?

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X-23 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cracked up when Jimmy Palmiotti said F the clones.  He must really love what they have done with the Power Girl series. 

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X-23 FTW

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hmmm X-23 wasn't she cartoon carachter fot the WB hmmmm who piss off the guy who wrote  her  when she made it to comics book cause  he did not give his ok on it , hmmmm so epic fail , I like the Gaurdaian from DC comics
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Come to think about it, how many clones are there really? 
Scarlet Spider 
I think Kid Flash has a clone running around 
For a device that seems incredibly over used, there aren't that many clones out there really.

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Does everyone love X-23 or is it THAT X-23 in the video you love?   <grin>

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Jim Lee clones, lmoa.  Seriously though, most of the time I enjoy the clones.  At the moment X-23 is my favorite, but the Scarlet Spider was my favorite back in the day.

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i've loved the concept of clones/twins/doubles/nega versions from a long time back,  and i think the video was GREAT because all four writers represent 4 different ideas. "F the clones" was interesting, probably the best one, still, EYE like clones, so... Superboy and Scarlet Spidey are 2 of my faves too! Superboy had to figure a lot out for himself, kinda sucks. But Superboy also skipped most of his life witch might've been boring! AND he never had to study! (till his memory started to fail on him) But Ben Reily was kinda like,..SCHWAZZENEGER'S SIXTH DAY???? I dont like how one parker was like "you have to die" to the clone, that was mean, and totally not like spidey (Thanks again Stan Lee) but when Ben turned out to be the REAL Spiderman? And then they MIXED the 2 during Amalgam, (making a 3rd guy?) which was better than all of them. Bizzaro (in the cartoon at least) dealt with the relationship of the incomplete clone and Superman, where Bizzaro was not really evil, IN FACT HE WAS INNOCENT, (thought he was the real S dude) and it totally asked like WHAT ARE THE ETHICS here? I like it when a clone makes it,... you know, everything turns out well, and i think THE ULTIMATE MATCH for a hero is HIMSELF! But it's sad sometimes, and should we really mess with someone's life just to amuse ourselves?

@Yung ANcient One:  VENOM? say what now? tell me more! 

 @Sir Duke:  G-Man did a video on this when Superboy's new comic was released. Jean Grey, Sinister, Spiderman's multiple clones, AND others in Ben Reiley's batch that WEREN'T of spiderman, the flash clone from the TV series back in the day, Superman's MANY clones, (couple Bizzaroes and idk if they were clones or robots but Superman had body doubles that were supposed to stop him if he ever went crazy, least in the cartoons) Lois had a clone in Lois&Clark that Clark married (clones in BOTH the superman and spiderman TV series were made out of frogs) Matrix supergirl was artificial, think she qualifies as a clone,....AND TONS MORE! + Superboy was cloned again 
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 Venom is not literally a clone but to me hes a clone
hes a copy of spidey only mixed with a lil evil= generic clone idea
so to me hes a clone
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@Yung ANcient One:  Ah i see! yeah when i first saw Venom on his trading card and didn't really know who he was or his origins, i noticed the spidey symbol and how spidey's red and he's like bluish, and i had a clone idea about Venom too. I guess Venom's more related to Spidey than some of his clones! i mean, immune to spider sense? the abilities?
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Clones, clones, clones.  Even with all the heat it take from critiqs, I belive that Ben Riley gave the "clone plot twist"  a whole new deepness.  Here was a Clone with a soul...and as the Scarlet Spider he was "spectacular". Many were pissed with the storyline but I believe that in regards of the use of clones in comic books there is a before Ben Riley and after.  The after consisting in more thought out stories and higher quality story telling.  After Ben Riley the clone stopped being a gimmick and became a true character wich people felt for.  Okay now let's start a "bring back Ben Riley campaing", chill I'm just kidding  ;)
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X-23 the best besides Superboy

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no one mentioned Bizzarro.  I like clones, the are a fun comic book cliche, like coming back from the dead, alternate realities, time travel, evil clones, stuff like that.  Its fun.

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X-23 and Ben Reilly, I also kinda like Madelyne Pryor
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I'm actually torn between Superboy and X-23, but i think it has something to do with both of them actually defying what a clone is thought of as ie. a copy/paste of another person like the stormtroppers turned out to be. 
I like Superboy because, as mentioned, you completely forget he is a 50/50 clone of Superman and Lex Luthor because he doesn't act as either of the two. Also it's lead to some really intersting stories in John's Teen Titans where he cant stop worrying about becoming Luthor 2.
X-23 is...well, she completely defies the whole clone concept simply by being a girl clone of a man. But as a character I like to read about how she is trying to overcome her upbringing/training/conditioning and actually trying to be human and find her own way in life. It's one of the same reasons I like DC's Raven so much because the two are in the same box, thought it can be argued that Raven has it even worse than X (will depend on one's view of mad scientists and demon lords).

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Agreed. She's awesome, she's not just Wolverine's female clone anymore.