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Giving it a good name for starters.

Posted by Quickfingers26

I'd have to say getting any kind of participation in a non-disclosure agreement from the local internet provider.

Posted by Winter_Kills

Keeping Bat-Gas & Bat-Wake handy really helps.

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Making sure it doesn't show up on Google MAPS/EARTH!


Posted by Lurkero

The construction workers has always been the biggest issue for me.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Making sure nobody sees you every time you go to it

Posted by Cjdavis103

upkeep seems to be the bigest issue ( power, repairs, structural, ventalation etc) because you will need specialists and it's not secret if a lot of people know about it

Posted by MK5

Thanks for sharing this! haha!

Giving it a good name for starters.

Posted by lifeofvibe

these guys never give a serious answer

Posted by Jayc1324

Having company over