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Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

Zsasz, no criminal would commit crime knowing they would have to deal with that level of psycho.

Posted by Supermanwithatan01

Villain is more about perspective now... I think Magneto is a big one. Lex Luthor, Adrien Veidt, Doctor Doom, Venom, Hunter Zolomon, Sinestro...

I would actually love a villain movie.

Posted by cuddles667

The Mandarin.

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I had to go back to make sure I heard Brian buccellato right. Even then I still wasn't sure I believed it.

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Lex Luther, lol

Posted by Extremis

@mcbig said:

I had to go back to make sure I heard Brian buccellato right. Even then I still wasn't sure I believed it.

Not to mention he's a skinhead. Probably a coincidence, right? Just sayin'...

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Black Manta

Posted by AllStarSuperman

Otto Octavius

Posted by Black_Claw

Marvel: Magneto

DC: Lex Luthor

Posted by _Atomikill_

Scarecrow would be... interesting. His villains would never attack twice, that's for sure.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Really depends on what you mean. Do you mean who's resources could be useful if applied for good? Who would be good at keeping the peace?

Posted by bob808

Black Adam

Posted by narrowghost21

@bob808: He has been a hero on several occasions. His wife Isis is a hero and has consistently tried to reform Black Adam. He just so happens to fall back into villainy every time.... LOL!!!

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Sinister 6 as heroes would definitely read it would be quite a good funny comic I think

Posted by Cloakx14


Clayface from the batman show.


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Apocalypse. Imagine seeing Apoc fighting with the x-men to kill Thanos or something. Has this been done?


Professor Zoom

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Harley Quinn cause she has moments of being kind. She's just in love with the bad type of guy that's all.

Posted by Wardishy

I think Dr Doom is the big one for me as well. Everyone else (Doc Ock, Sinestro, Magneto, Venom, Lex Luthor, etc.) has already been done.

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Posted by Xwraith

Mr. Freeze (even though I don't really think of him as a villain).

Posted by mak13131313

Sinestro. He used to be a Green Lantern so he would already know what it takes to be a hero. With his yellow ring he would be able to induce true fear into his enemies.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@wardishy said:

I think Dr Doom is the big one for me as well. Everyone else (Doc Ock, Sinestro, Magneto, Venom, Lex Luthor, etc.) has already been done.

Thats been done to when hhe joined the Future Foundation

Posted by Chaos Prime


Poison Ivy



Posted by almozayaf666

Captain Cold and the Roges

Most others get there shot to be good guys

Posted by MannEffest

DAT Venom picture…. I would watch that! Marvel's next animated movie; Venom: Adventures in Babysitting.

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hasn't deathstroke already been cast as a hero?

Posted by entropy_aegis

From DC

Luthor,Sinestro,Bane,Black Adam,The Rogues.

From Marvel

Venom,Magneto and Dr Doom.

I say this cause we've seen these guys as being depicted somewhat heroic. BTW who in their right minds think Scarecrow,Manta,Freeze,Zoom and Zsasz? would make good heroes?

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Don't forget-one society's hero is another 's villain(and vice versa), how about Seraph or Airstrike(Marvel)?


Posted by Sidds141197

Bane and Venom. And how can we forget MYSTERIO!

Posted by DarthAznable

Darkseid as a hero. That would be amazing.

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I think Absorbing Man could be a pretty cool hero. That seems like a power set you could do a lot with creatively. Also he always struck me as a laid back kind of guy which I can relate to in a weird way. After a hard day's work just kick back and have a beer or something.

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Posted by DaseanComerWCR

Thanos :)

Posted by DaseanComerWCR

Deathstroke, Bane, Sinestro, magneto, (not doom i have a feeling he would turn easily), and taskmaster :)

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does marvel have any villains left you are not hero's now?


The answer is probably all of them except for the Joker, & none if them. The thing about a villain is that their origin & motivation should be written the same way as a hero would be, but they just give in to the dark side. Breaking bad is a good example. I think. I've only seen the first 7 episodes, & I'm never going to watch it. But he wants to make money for his family when he dies. The system is broken, medication is too expensive, a qualified teacher should have their health-care provided, we get into the whole reason why some people actually need something that Obama-care should provide, but doesnt, because its evil created by evil-scum, so he has to turn bad. Then he just goes evil I guess.

Compared to Dexter who kills killers. He is basicly the Punisher, who both in theory are what the world needs because they break the laws & rules that prevent cops from doing their job of Protect & service the innocent.

In fact, thats one thing I dislike about GTA5. The 3 guys are villains, but its ok to kill the cops & other authorities because they are all even more evil & corrupt that you 3 are. So its trying to justifiy why its ok to kill the cops as compared to how Matrix never really tried to justifiy how Neo & Trinity just shot up a bunch of innocent cops. Because media violence.

However, just because anti-Heros work, does NOT mean we should have these anti-villains. Villains should never be shown in a positive light.

Posted by sonofkrypton

Mr. Freeze!

Posted by officialgreen

Deathstroke as a hero? Crime would cease the moment word got out that he's changed his alignment.

Posted by midgard2

@chaos_prime: Yeah I have to agree with 3 of your picks Poison Ivy, Mystique, Magneto.

Posted by Meep189
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Idk. R'has al Ghul maybe? Imagine him actually doing good for the world instead of his sick definition of good.

Posted by justice teen
Posted by wundagoreborn

If Trapster would just turn his attention from adhesives to solvents he could make a very positive contribution.

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