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The power of peanut butter and jelly already exists:

Posted by midgard2

Immortality and sorcery.

Posted by Mucklefluga

This was a really great one ahaha.

Posted by TheMultiverse

There's a reason Intangibility is so rare, so that, aaand Forge's ability. Build anything, and quickly.

Edited by Fallschirmjager

Invisibility and X-Ray Vision

Edited by AllStarSuperman

Superspeed and intangiblity

Posted by marvel123

telekinesis and teleportation

Posted by Deadknight

Shape-shifting and teleportation.

Edited by Dreadpool10

Immortality and Omnikinesis

Posted by pressx2select

Multiple-Man + Mystic. The ability to generate multiple copies of yourself and the ability to shape shift.

Edited by 2cool4fun

Super-speed ( a.k.a. lightning powers ) & ice powers

Who is the guy next to Lobdel?

Posted by Ironshinobi88

Reality Warping and Matter manipulation.

Posted by Decept-O

Jimmy Palmiotti is the best.

I loved the answer about being only partially invisible and seeing a flying head. Very funny.

Posted by Cloakx14

super intelligence & magic powers.

Edited by Nightwing_Beyond

The Wonder Twin Powers! Who doesn't want to scare the heck out of their co-workers by turning into a talking bucket? After that, you can make a clean getaway by turning into a falcon!

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: This is a very strange video. How does a question about superpowers turn into peanut butter and jelly? lol, they must have been hungry. The two superpowers that work great together is fire and ice or maybe not since they cancel each other out. There's must be some reason why IcyHot works so well. lol

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub
Edited by 2cool4fun

@cloakx14: Couldn't you give your self that if you had magic powers?

Edited by jimmy11

Indefatigability & Invulnerability

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Invisibility and x-ray vision. Because I don't have a girlfriend.

Posted by Giovanni_Di_Guerra

Any mix of super speed, teleportation and phasing would be sick

Posted by Rainja

Enhanced mental and physical capabilities

Posted by ZombieMowlcher

Super Speed and super strength.

Posted by fables87

I always thought of taking Kitty Pride's phasing powers with Invisible Woman's powers and making a hero with them.

Posted by QuantomMan

That's insane they all said PB&J almost lol.

I would say illusion casting and invisibility

Posted by thenexusrebound

Psychomimetic and super intellect, because you can solve any problem and if you need a skill you can take it as needed.

Posted by loplopool

Time manipulation and travel with shapeshifter

Edited by Mezmero

Obviously reality bending earthquakes and power draining gravity is the real answer. It's a lot cooler than rubber and fire that's for sure.

Posted by cbishop

It always weirds me out a little when they give the same answers or draw the same things. It's cool, but weird.

Edited by ravisher

super IQ and immortality

Edited by ravisher

@fables87 said:

I always thought of taking Kitty Pride's phasing powers with Invisible Woman's powers and making a hero with them.

so a ghost?

Posted by hunter5024

I would combo the powers of Mystique and Madrox.

Posted by fables87

@ravisher said:

@fables87 said:

I always thought of taking Kitty Pride's phasing powers with Invisible Woman's powers and making a hero with them.

so a ghost?

Yup. Made one up named Ghost Boy. If only I worked for comics lol

Posted by wundagoreborn

scripting and drawing

Posted by BraveKnight99
Edited by revolt1983

I'd have Wolverine's healing ability and superior intelligence something Tony Stark has.

Posted by TheBrownPowerRanger

Metal manipulation and shooting electricity

Posted by IfDCRuledTheWorld

If I had to pick....liquid metal body (T-1000) and Generator Rex's nanites.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

Stopping time and TIME-TRAVEL... I always dream of having those powers

Posted by Lordhuck

Clairvoyance and Super Intellect.

With the above 2 as a starting point you could grant yourself most others.

Posted by MaximumGeyser5

Reality Warping, and the ability to change my Physiology(EX From Human to Kryptonian)

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