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This was pretty funny especially with Franco and Baltazar. Human meat might taste like steak. lol I don't know if Deadman can posses a already dead body. But he would still survive because no one can't really touch him at all unless he enters a body.

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Superman, IMO

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Anyone Superman-level and above really could easily take care of a zombie apocalypse. Or people who are pyro- and cyrokinetics. I mean, Bobby Drake would just freeze them. Human Torch would just burn them.

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Hmmm I'm gonna wing it and say Swamp Thing. Or Constantine.

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the flash- because he can move at the speed of light

Deadpool- katana & guns

Blade- the sword & vampire powers

Black Panther

ghost rider



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Unbreakable skin + Superhuman Strength = Win

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There is difference between having skills and being prepared. So the answer should therefore be Batman.

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Franco and Art always hilarious. It's like you put them on the spot during a test.

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Haha love Art and Franco as always.

First thought was Batman; he's planned for so many contingencies that there's no way he's not prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

Second thought was Superman; he's not prepared necessarily but would easily have the skills to handle it. James took the words right out of my brain.

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superman he can just fly into space and wait it out or got t another galaxy

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The word 'prepared' directly points towards Batman. I loved Capullo's answer, as always.

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I guess it depends on the situation; what type of plague is going around? Who are the original carriers? And who gets infected first?

When looking at Marvel Zombies it's definitely no one in the Marvel U who will be prepared for it. I can't imagine anyone in the DCU performing that much better.

But personally, as someone who hangs around in the horror genre and has had a bit too much of the zombie genre. Please keep the zombie outbreak out of comics. It's about as played out as vampires.

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Fortress of Solitude is all I'm sayin'.

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@syoungkeezy: Something he won't do. He'll try to stop it, he'll refuse to kill, then he will be infected.

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Superman, Batman, and Deadman. Then again, the Justice League should have a device that could teleport all the zombies to an uninhabited planet.

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But I think characters like Superman or even Batman would be hesitant in killing zombies, thinking they were still people they could cure. So someone like the Punisher would be pretty well off!

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hm...prepared...Batman and his crew, The Punisher, JLU: The Question, Reed Richards and other big brains in MU, and I would even suspect Moon Knight would have a plan in place.

But the characters such as Wonder Man, Superman, Colossus, Luke Cage and others that do not need to breath, or have super resilient skin will survive far better if one would break out

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@mrfuzzynutz said:

But the characters such as Wonder Man, Superman, Colossus, Luke Cage and others that do not need to breath, or have super resilient skin will survive far better if one would break out


Street levelers are ALL susceptible to swarms. Batman may be able to judee-chop 100 zombies in a row but what happens when a splash of blood lands in his mouth or eyes? Nightcrawler might be alright since he can teleport out of a bad situation.

TK/force fields/energy projection users (Jean Grey, Sue Storm, Green Lantern) all have the ability to keep the baddies away. Zombies are pretty low-strength so even a swarm shouldn't be too hard to handle.

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Surprised no one said Wolverine, he can't be turned, he will just cure him self, just like in that venom/carnage invasion.

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Arm Fall Off Boy, He'll just break off his arm if hes bitten

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Reed Richards


Doctor Doom

Tony Stark


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Just for the pairing lulz, these two:

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Oh and Flash, they'd never catch him.

@kurtz433 said:

Just for the pairing lulz, these two:

Nice choices.

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It's a tie of two heroes and two teams for me... Batman and Superman because of there tech and they both have pretty secure locations (plus all superman would have to do is get as many survivors to the fortress in time) and next the x-men because they also have a pretty secure location but are kinda prepared because the number of powered being's they have to keep the undead at bay. and lastly the FF they have a super secure base filled with weapons plus they also have powers so zombies probably wouldn't even make it to their front door lol

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Arm Fall Off Boy, He'll just break off his arm if hes bitten

What if he's bitten in the leg, or neck or any other body part? xD

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Wally or waldo depending where your from. Easy hide amongst them and sneakily kill

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I love Franco and Art Baltazar, they're hilarious!

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He will be immune

and he is used to fighting monsters

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Pretty much any A- list hero with no qualms about slaughtering billions of undead knowing damn well they can't really hurt them. Gladiator for example.

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@thecheesestabber said:

Arm Fall Off Boy, He'll just break off his arm if hes bitten

What if he's bitten in the leg, or neck or any other body part? xD

He wont be He'll work out a deal to feed his arm to zombies for protection

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Punisher - He's the Batman of killing.


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Frank Castle is prepared for anything. The Punisher would be awesome during a zombie apocalypse!

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Um..... Molecule Man.

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Silver Surfer



Any Matter Manipulator or High Level Energy Manipulator

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I'm not sure about Superman, there may be a supernatural factor involved with zombies being the undead and all. He may be vulnerable.

Deadman - Yeah he'd be safe.

Batman with the Bat-Armor - Check

Ghost Rider? Any thoughts?

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

No one is more prepped than Doom.

Posted by comicbookfan93

Kitty Pryde



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There's actually a pretty good book series about superheroes after a zombie apocalypse; Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines.

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Batman...he would study their weaknesses in the Bat-Cave then figure out a cure. Superman being the close second with his Krypton intellect.

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Cosmoman (megaman battle network), he can put a spatial barrier around himself so they could never touch him and send them to the dark dimension.

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Batman. Punisher.