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Jim McCann said it best, Jervis and insert Alfred has the worst day jobs. Poor butlers. lol

Jimmy Palmiotti has an awesome goatee!

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One where you CAN'T come and go as you please- ie the military. Try telling your CO(branch of service irrelevant) that you had to save the universe by going AWOL!


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High School student if I learned anything from spider man it's that high school and super heros don't mix well.

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@crimsonlord53: The guy did make a decent living basically selling selfies. I wish I could have such a laid-back job.

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Logan being a School Bus driver, dam that would be so funny but not for the kids lol

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Depends on their powers, they could be in the middle of helping a woman in labor, but oh look! Galactus is attacking Manhattan! And look! A patient needs brain surgery right now!

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Spiderman works for a man who slanders him, so yea...

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@goobot said:

Spiderman works for a man who slanders him, so yea...

Not anymore he doesn't.

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A Call Center (mostly for the Hulk) - "Sir, I'm going to need you to calm down, sir. Please stop yelling at me, sir, you're making me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, sir. RAAAAARRRRRGHHHH!!!!"