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Go with steel toe cap boots so that you have armour for your toes and is harder when you kick a villain. Well fitted to the calf so they don't make a flappy noise when you run and they move around your leg. Not forgetting the fact that female characters look sexier in boots.

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Josh Fialkov's beard is magnificent.

Advantage: Ankle protection More grip, however that depends on the tread, which most boots would have good ones. Thinking of running in the rain.

Disadvantage: Ankle motion.

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Sex appeal plain and simple example Miss Marvel's thigh high's.


Little piggy.

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I love that Kyle Higgins gave a really long and thought out answer lol

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I read boobs...

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First time seeing Dora on the vine.

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Being former military, and work in construction from time to time, boots are indeedthe best choice, and most piratical of foot wear IMO.

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I love the answers the writers gave hahaha!

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Boots are awesome...

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Who else read the title and thought it said "What's the Advantage or Disadvantage of a Costume with Boobs"?

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1. Love how seriously Higgins takes it. He's got his points all ready and fires them off like a pro!

2. Love Fialkov's t-shirt. More and more, that dude becomes my hero!

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striking advantage from the steel in the boot

plus if it's a special super hero boot like batman's i think it's probably got steel plate on the shins too or something.


they are heavier and will slow you down more

if you are sprinting around in big armored combat boots you're going to be making a lot more noise.

the limited flexibility and added wait will make it more difficult to throw a lot of high level kicks.

they will limit the movement in your ankle which can make things like climbing difficult.

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Kyle Higgins owned this question!

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The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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The only disadvantages I can think of with boots are:

  • Weight, boots can be heavy
  • Time it takes to put them on
  • Foot odor, its one thing I've never seen boots being very good at preventing

I do agree with Higgins on the heels thing, it doesn't really work on any character that can expect to run jump and kick. They can be fine for characters that don't have to move or have other means than walking like magicians or psychics, same goes for plateau-shoes.

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These guys give the dumbest answers. But it's so funny!