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Posted by Queso6p4

@Decept-O said:

The Wolverine and Booster Gold Team-Up as suggested by J.T. Krul. Love it. I'd buy that for a dollar!

Rocket Raccoon and Captain Carrot.

Is that a Robocop reference? If so, that's awesome!

I like these vids and am glad to have watched this.

Posted by Decept-O

@Queso6p4: Yes, the "I'd buy that for a dollar!" is a Robocop reference.

Posted by GR2Blackout

@The Stegman said:

Deathstroke and Deadpool, it should happen..

Already did.

Posted by The Stegman
@GR2Blackout said:

@The Stegman said:

Deathstroke and Deadpool, it should happen..

Already did.

I know, and I was gonna post the scans...but didn't feel like looking them up. That and I want the actual Deadpool, not DC's parody of him.
Posted by TheHulk

Bane and Juggernaut.

Posted by Queso6p4

@Decept-O: I always loved that guy!

Posted by Perfect 10

black cat and catwoman. THAT is a mini series i would love to see. something in the vain of "the evil that men do" with the girls traveling the world stealing (or at least attempting to) some very precious and rare items and it turns out the guy they are stealing for has a nefarious scheme that they have to stop. also magik and zatanna, storm and wonder woman, and raven and jean grey (not phoenix)

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Darkseid and Thanos. Daredevil and Batman, Superman and Thor, Martian Manhunter and Vision.

Posted by Bo88gdan

Hulk and superman and thor

Posted by lmothander

Punisher and Rorschach

Posted by dondasch

I'd go for Deadpool and Batman, just to see how much mouthing off Batman can tolerate from Wade.

Posted by AskaniSon295

Magik & Raven

Posted by Omegus

I would love to see:

Hawkeye and Nightwing

He-man and Thor

Posted by RustyRoy

1. Batman and Uncanny X-Men.

2. Damian Wayne and Deadpool.

3. Comedian and Captain America.

4. Batman and Hulk.

5. Green Lantern Corps and Thanos.

Posted by excalibur5150

I too would love to see Flash (Wally West) and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) team up.

Also :

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) & Capt. Mar-Vell

Lobo & Deadpool would be epic!

Nightwing & Gambit

Superman & Marvelman (Modern)

Justice Society & Invaders (All their WWII Heroes)

Deathstroke & Wolverine

Authority & Defenders

Doc Savage & Capt. America

Batman & Moon Knight

JLA & Avengers PART II

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Also batman and daredevil

...another is Spider-Man w/ the flash

Posted by OnlyKidInTheComicStore

Deathstroke and Deadpool, definitely.