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Posted by G-Man

Filmed at WonderCon earlier this year.

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maybe its just me but I find Joe Q annoying. not sure why.

Posted by christopherwalken

The best disguise would have to be a fig leaf.

Or a pencil-thin moustache. Ideally, drawn. Although it could be adhesive, I suppose.

Posted by Dakens son

SOOOOO it is true joe Quesada adores Iron-man and hates super-man!

God so obvious!

Posted by craigbo180

Best disguise for batman is a smile. No one would ever suspect you!

Edited by fabe1089

The best disguise is fire! Like Human Torch or Ghost Rider. It's perfect.

Posted by Xymox

"This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video"

Posted by AllStarSuperman