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Well since they already make comparisons, Superior Spiderman and Breaking Bad. I could see the two of them working together on science projects. Although they would kill each other with their egos.

Posted by Oscuro

Blade (comics) and BLEACH. Ichigo and Blade together would be hilarious. Imagine The Daywalker wielding a zanpakuto.

The Oblongs and X-Men. This needs no explanation.

John Constantine and Friday The 13th The Series

Batman and Burn Notice

Batman and any of the Law and Order shows

Hulk and Weeds

Venom and Alphas

Posted by kellysimms3701

Lobo and Sons of Anarchy....or Lobo and My Little Pony, that would also be priceless.

Posted by Imortal18

Rorschach/True Blood how badass would that be!

Posted by Chaos Prime

CSI Miami & Hush

Posted by batkevin74

Breaking Riverdale! Archie is diagnosed with cancer...

Dexter/Punisher: Same But Different! Written by Garth Ennis & Jeff Lindsay

Iron Man-Iron Chef :)