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lol these guys.

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They are awesome. Wish I had stopped by their booth just to talk with them.

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Hilarious. I love these guys. I should give their comic a try.

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Gosh I adore these guys! Soooo need to get started on Green Team soon!

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Love this. Where is that Bucky and Robin pic from?

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I'm still disappointed that DC discontinued their children's titles. Superman Family Adventures and Tiny Titans are excellent for children who love brand-name superheroes but aren't ready for the intensity of said superheroes' big-boy titles. I understand that the titles weren't blockbusters. But they were well-done and well-received comic books that introduced children--you know, tomorrow's 45-year-olds--to both the medium and the publisher. (And ... Step off soapbox.)

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Love it, love it, love it, love it. love it.

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How about a regular old bat?

I may not read anything by these 2 fine gentleman but man they're HILARIOUS