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Yes Tony! You actually made it!!!I'm so happy :D !!

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I'm not sure I like this--wait, I think I'm gonna change my answer.

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Video doesn't work for me

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Wont play for me either.

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It's playing for me on Chrome and the mobile site. Already has quite a bit of views. What browser is the problem? You can also change the streaming.

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Video won't play for me in chrome

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on chrome, wont play

Switched between streaming to progressive (changed quality)
Nothing still

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hey all, should be working now. Apologies for the issues.

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This is pretty darn funny :) I enjoy these two immensely, and their work on Green Team is AWESOME thus far! It was pretty funny when Baltazar mentioned Miss Garrett, I'm still huffing with laughter at that one.

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hangs out with mrs garrett

Art is hilarious

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enjoy a glass of wine with some boxing on saturday? WTF

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Damn, Aunt Harriet! That made me laugh...

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It didn't work for me in IE or Chrome last night. But, it works now and well worth the wait! :)

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I'm fifty-fifty on this one....think I'm going to change my answer to no.

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@dngn4774 said:

I'm not sure I like this--wait, I think I'm gonna change my answer.


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im like 50 50 on that one, ha!

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These guys are funny :)