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Posted by thanosrules

I agree with those who have stated that the character has to have significant "depth" for this to work. Doctor Doom and Magneto both would work, but both have those "good" qualities that do not make them 100% villain. This trait is also what I believe makes them "human" enough to like - but this is where terms like "anti-hero" come into play...

Either way, whether it is long-running series or mini-series, I really enjoy seeing these "anti-hero" types take the focus of an entire set of issues. It is a nice change from the sometimes bland stories of daily heroics, or even worse, "hero" against "hero" conflicts that over-run the shelves today.

Posted by thanobomb1124

Dr. Doom and Loki should definitely have there own series

Posted by The Impersonator

Dexter was a villain? He's more like an antihero similar to Punisher.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

it's tough to make a series about the villain without letting them slip into the anti-hero motif. But I think it can be done. Doom has the potential, Magneto has the potential under certain circumstances. Loki as well. I think Lex Luthor's run on Action Comics was the closest we'll see and I think it was a great experiment.

Posted by thisbeadam

Not sure if one villain could keep it interesting as an ongoing run. Maybe an alternating cast of villains. One story-arc could show a villain's angle for a miniseries being pushed by their respective company. Call it "Journey Into Villainny"

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