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Posted by Black_Lantern_Bison22

I would love to honesty say that I didn't care if they changed or not, but the fan-boy in me just won't allow it. I agree with most of the people in the video, it's okay for some and awful for others. Aquaman has changed looks and they were mostly all good. If they go and change Superman around or give Batman an overhaul, I would probably be less than pleased until I got a good look at where the change came from and where it was going.   

Posted by G-Man
Posted by Grimoire

If it suits the characters style like Ironman, Spiderman, or Batman then I'd say yes since the new costumes would be custom for a reason or purpose. Others like Superman, Wolverine, or Hulk would have no reason to change what they wore. Superman is recognized by his suit, Wolverine changed a couple of times for no real purpose as its always claws in the end, and Hulk doesn't care what he wears to SMASH. lol

Posted by jordama

The x-Men never really go back to an old costume, they may have a similar one but each time period has it's own style. Storm couldn't have the huge shoulder pads in this day an age.
Posted by marvelcomicsandbatmanfanatic

its happened before. there was this lady called the cat, you'd have to have been around in the early 70s or be a hardcore fan to know her. then she grew fur and claws, changed her name to tigra, and joined the avengers so yeah its possible.

Posted by SnowyMountain

I have to admit that most of the time, a costume change is just a way of a gimmick to get reader's attention.  But I think that every single hero can't wear the same outfit day after day, year after year, so I have to agree that it's a good way to shake things up.  For the most part, most of them do suck and it's always a bit of relief when they revert back to their own "classic" duds.  
In many ways, Superman and Batman are sort of stuck in their outfits as no one really likes any new costumes they come out with.  The other DC heroes are kind of like that too, I have never really cared for some of the "updated" suits or costumes they occasionally try out.  I have never really liked Aquaman or Hawkman's looks but the new suits or looks that DC has tried always looks silly, wrong, or just plain weird to me.
Iron Man is about the only one who manages to keep on altering his look, usually successfully.   marvelcomicsandbatmanfanatic is right in how Tigra also managed to update her look, and I like her better as a cat woman in a bikini than that awful yellow suit she used to boast.

Personally, about the only other update to any hero that I think makes them look better is Thor.  I always thought his original outfit was sort of goofy.  Like they tried to make a superhero outfit and crossed it with a medieval warrior look and failed.  This latest one that they put out with the chainmail sleeves actually looks like a serious warrior god.

Posted by ZaberCat

gee, I rather keep batman's black or gray costume better than any ulgy, colorful costume!