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Good stuff

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In reality, there would be no need for killing because he'd be in prison forever.
However, since that won't happen...should he kill The Joker? With prison not being an option and The Joker inevitably going to cost more and more lives, yeah, he should. Even with it being for the greater good, I don't think Batman could live with himself.
When I was a kid, if I cheated on a video game it would bug me that I never beat the game fairly. Like, sure I beat it...but did I really? So, for someone as DRIVEN and dedicated to his morals and code as Batman is, I really don't think Batman could escape the, "I had to kill him to solve this problem." shadow.
-The Mast

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He should get Clark to phantom zone his ass, and be done with it. Batman should never kill period, even the Joker. It's too easy a line to cross, and after that getting back might just be impossible. After that the next crazy villain to show up might pose a similar threat, and if then the logical move now would be to kill him because, hey, it worked last time.
One of my favorite lines from Kingdom Come is when Superman goes to Batman asking for his help and he says that at his core, Bruce is just someone who doesn't want to see anyone die.

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"Nueter him or something." lol xD
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umm...NO! unless you don't want Batman to have any action and hardcore chasing sequences and puzzles BUT then again the Joker would just come back again and AGAIN AND AGAIN if Batman went on a killing spree which would be AWESOME BTW so yah I guess he should... which would not cause much difference because of sucky resurrections in comics HELLLL YAHHHH KILL SUPERMAN!
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I'd have a feeling Jeff is alluding to Batman finally snapping and ending the Joker's life, but by doing so, completely snaps his psyche, and becomes insane, just as the Joker was. 
My 2c. :)

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It's really frustrating to be Batman. I can ensure it is. 
Knowing well, he cannot kill villains, no matter how easy and the Joker is definitely 'THE ONE' person that Batman really wants to kill but cannot.  

Mr. J has caused more pain and angst to him and his family then any of Gotham's bad boys and girls. 
But Joker will still live unless there is a strategic storyline to back his death OR when the Gotham Justice system decides to send him to Death Row instead of his little playhouse in Arkham. 
Joker is incurable: Case Closed.
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  I love these sort of videos :) 
JT Krull's got some nice thought answer up there.
But Bats shouldn't cross it...I could see it happen if a successor (Damina? Dick?) was Batman once and for all.
 The Punisher 2099 had a great idea. Bats should just lock the guy himself in his own private controlled hidden prison.

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These videos are great; I like seeing the creative process behind these stories. I'm not sure why there is no death penalty-type policy applied to villains like The Joker. Honestly, though, Batman is uninteresting to me precisely because I get the feeling that he keeps his villains alive to give himself continued relevancy. If he struggled with a way to neutralize his enemies without crossing the violence boundary, I'd probably find him more interesting than he is.

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I would totally read that Jeph Loeb "Death of Joker" story! Batman came pretty close to killing the Joker in Hush... 
For me personaly i want Joker to stay alive.

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@bouke: But with Jeph the President of Marvel TV, who knows when he'd be allowed to tell the story. :(
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No, if they kill off The Joker I'll never read Batman again.

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Its gonna happen sooner and we may all be shocked or not, let's face it folks The Joker may have it coming, now how he dies maybe  a  shocker
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@G-Man said:
" @bouke: But with Jeph the President of Marvel TV, who knows when he'd be allowed to tell the story. :( "
I didn't think of that...  
Hopefully it'll happen some day! But who would you want to do the art? Another Jeph / Jim combo?
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Id say lock joker up, but he would eventually get out....Joker is probably one of batmans biggest enemies and smartest one at that!!
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@bouke: That'd be sweet.
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The Joker may die or get killed but certainly not by Batman's hand. Besides of the in-universe rationalisation that Batman cannot kill because he would "die" (the "not killing" rule is one of the pillars of his identity, breaking it would make everything else crumble, etc) it seems a bad marketing move for DC to give such drastic turn to the character.  
So, no. He shouldn't.

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Before R.I.P. I would say no... 
After his so called 'death and ressurection'... I think he could... 
My only validation of my point is the fact that he used a gun and shot Darkseid... I know it seems a bit far fetched... but if he was willing to use a gun to kill Darkseid with that magic bullet or what ever it was... then killing The Joker would be a walk in the park... just my opinion!

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you can´t kill the joker he is great!!!!!

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I believe they should, but only when ALL the Batman titles are ending.  
At that point, you can take the gloves off and go out with a bang. 
Maybe you can get Magog to do it (Kingdom Come joke.) ;)

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The Joker is Batman's other half--in a twisted sense.   When you think of Batman --you also tend to think of THE JOKER!  Batman--Versus--Joker!   Who else do you think of when you hear "Superman"?  Lex Luthor.  "Professor X"?  Magneto.   Without Joker--there really is no Batman.  If they killed off the Joker they'd have to do it in a stand alone Graphic Novel or just a whole different universe/timeline.   Remember when Batman was killed in "The Killing Joke"!?  Something like that.    
     But Batman most likely would not be the one killing the Joker---it'd probably be someone else---and that wouldn't be very funny would it!?   

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i think he should but wont because he feels responsible for creating him

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Kill him! Of course not! Maiming him beyond any form of recovery and kepting him alive? ACCEPTABLE! NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT IT

and this is a good guy saying it...