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Even Sterling Gates doesn't want to see a 'Hawk And Dove' movie #Fail

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Strong choices

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@Osiris1428: This was recorded back in April...

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Where have all of the 3 Minute Experts, Unscripted Reviews and all of the other great video features gone too? This is a good start back on the road, but are we going to see old video features returning?

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Captain Marvel is probably my favorite one that was mentioned, the whole gang should be in it, Mary Marvel :)

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I would love to see a Clayface one as well.

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Out of those mentioned, probably Captain Marvel. It would be completely cheesy, but I also wish Entourage's Aquaman was real. And I know he's not exactly a superhero, but I'd like to see a Bone movie. I've heard Hollywood is working on a script, but with a story like that, I honestly rather see someone like Disney or Pixar create it instead.

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cyclops and jean movie the resurrection of the x-men the final chapter of jean from being the flamed phoenix and back to normal

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a big old YES for the Flash movie! Excellent suggestion, Geoff!

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I would LOVE to see the following: Power Man and Iron Fist would be a big win, Arion, Jack Knight as Starman with the Shade supporting, and last but not least, JSA when Geoff Johns was the writer!!!

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have it plotted out right now includes max mercury, inertia and a better costume than in smallville!


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Captain Marvel was the first Superhero ever put on film, a long time ago.