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Posted by Buttons85

They should.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I believe that if the story is engrossing enough, a villainous on-going series could prove successful. It depends on how charismatic the villain is.
Posted by Grimoire

I never read them since the bad guys should never win IMO. lol

Posted by Ninjistic

How about Lobo? Dude's a mass murderer, and definitely no role-model. 
Speaking of Lobo and badasses ... I miss Trencher :(

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Comics about heroes focus on how the hero reacts to what the villain is doing... and then how the hero stops them.
I don't think that having a run solely for villains would be good storytelling... but maybe one which alternated between the villain's point of view and the hero's point of view would be alright, I guess, though the main problem would be the progression of the story.
EDIT: Having just watced Babs' review of Loki #1, I think that maybe having certain things or events shown from the villain's point of view would be good if there was some kind of character development or something about their past is revealed to the audience which may set up something for future or current story arcs.

Posted by Deadcool

 A villain is cool when he is that thing that makes the hero to transcend himself, that thing that contrasts with the hero, for his lack of humanity, or because he does things extraordinary for his physical characteristics.

They shouldn't get their own ongoing series, the villain needs the hero, a story about an unstoppable killer is bored, if there is no one that tries to stop him.

Posted by the Detective

 The Joker did have his own series in the 70's but it only lasted about 9 issues. So I guess theres something to what your saying. It just don't work in the long run. 

Posted by jboncha

I dint think it would work out well. 
Miniseries and OGNs do OK because they only last so long.

Posted by MannyMAR

I always thought Dr. Doom would be the perfect villain to have an ongoing series. I think it would be interesting, especially since he is a very meticulous and calculated kind of character. It also helps that he's not a complete psychopath who needlessly kills people for the heck of it. 

Posted by Ultimate JSA

captain cold and the rogues that would be a great book
Posted by ChaosAgent

Would Deathstroke count?

Posted by mothore

I think that the idea of a "good guy" versus a "bad guy" is a little hard to distinguish as easily as some common readers might  be assuming. 
Characters like Deadpool, Wolverine and Iron Man, though great heroes, aren't always good and occasionally will act on their own selfish desires no matter what the outcome. 
Yes, I think if done right, any villain should be permissioned to have their own series.

Posted by DarkSyde79

Yes, a villain could headline their own ongoing series but I doubt a psychotic killer could. Someone who was a thief could do it, as long as the Robin Hood angle was completely avoided. I even like the approach that is being taken by Action Comics by spotlighting Lex Luthor. Although it has been a short run, I think having it as an ongoing series for him could work because him being one of the more interesting characters who has his hands in everything would give us a really good understanding how certain plots develop. While I wouldn't call him a "bad guy" exactly, I would luv to see an ongoing series for Sinestro. I think that would be something that could be a parter series to the Green Lantern books. Just avoid the Lobo, Punisher, and Venom angles and keep it fresh (as possible) and it'd work...

Posted by elevatorparty

I think that dark reign showed that stories from the villain's POV were just as engrossing as those with heroic stars. look at books like Dark Reign: Zodiac or even Dark Avengers.  
Also look at New Avengers during the time it was almost completely about the Hood.  
Other examples: Secret Six, Thunderbolts, Brian Azzarello's Joker Mini series or simply look at the success of the Sopranos. If a writer can find a good story to tell then the villain can work as the main protagonist but I agree with @DarkSyde79 said:

" Yes, a villain could headline their own ongoing series but I doubt a psychotic killer could. 
Psychotic killer who kills for no reason and has no ultimate goal is never going to make a good story. While Lex Luthor or Black Adam or the Thunderbolts who have more long term goals and a more traditional story direction make for better stories.
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I'm sure it would work. A monthly mag about The "Adventures" of The Joker would be a must read for me ^_.
But the smartest thing they could do if someone is seriously thinking about making a ongoing mag about a villain would probably be to create a new one, not recycle old ones. 
A cartoon about a serial killer traveling around from town to town, giving the reader a chance of getting inside hes mind, that would be something. At the same time that would probably be interesting for the writer, both from a psychological perspective, and for the hell of it ^_^.
In the end the star of the show doesn't have to be a role-model, he/she certainly doesn't have to be loved by the reader. What he/she have to be is interesting to the reader. And whats more interesting to the reader, the boring "Clark Kent" style character, or the unpredictable "Lex Luthor"?

Posted by -chapel-

The Joker SHOULD have his own series. It just makes sense.
Posted by MrMazz

It would be boring or I guess to hard to make a in continuity villain book if they wanted to keep the bad guy evil and keep him doing his evil deeds it would require the villain to win and beat the hero who is your bread an butter seller

If would be intersting for one shots to try and develope a villian more but as a on going series to hard and you might run out of ideas

Posted by angryvigilante

Wouldn't The Punisher be considered a villain in today's society?

Posted by grbear

I like that DC are experimenting with Two Face by making the focus of the second feature in Streets of Gotham and seem to be rebuilding the character by taking away a lot of what he had built up. The scene where he said that the coin was what gave him a chance to be good was interesting because traditionally it was accepted that the coin made him do bad things. I don't think it'd work longterm as a standalone series but it's an interesting insight into the character.

Posted by Coldbrand

The Punisher and Spawn seemed to do just fine in their own series. However, since Marvel keeps fucking up villains (Mr. Sinister, Venom, Carnage) I'm not really interested until we get the originals back.