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Posted by DannoMan

I can totally tell who you are. Masks don't work.

Posted by Namor1987

No not unless the mask or glasses are really intricate & have some illusion casting abilities if it was the kind of mask you wore in the video

Posted by Captain Bintang

Masks: Yes
Glasses: No, no....no

Posted by brownsugar

if only it were that easy

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

I'd say it depends on the size of the mask 
No glasses, unless the hero has bad eyesite

Posted by NightFang

G-Man looks like Blankman, lol.

Posted by spiderpigbart

As mask would need to be a cowl, i.e. Batman, or a mask the covered the entire head, i.e Spider-Man.

Posted by DMC

That last part was great!! LOL

Posted by Alex X

It's funny to see Ryan trying to act. :P

Posted by riotman

I do not think glasses would work but a full face mask might if you change your voice
Posted by turoksonofstone
@riotman said:
" I do not think glasses would work but a full face mask might if you change your voice "
Yes. A Domino Mask is not enough. If anyone can pull off the glasses as secret ID its Clark. Beyond that though it ain't working.
Posted by ateygheyev

Ha! G-Man has an electric lawnmower like I do!

Posted by Blackestnight

clark is noticed in NY. Few people get to look at superman very close in the face so they can't compare him to clark and those who do usually have never met Clark.   One person who ought to know is Lane, but I guess she did figure it out.

Posted by Terrific_T

I think masks and glasses are only a part of it. It has to do with how you carry yourself, how you act, how you live your life as your other identity. Clark Kent is a full time reporter at the Daily Planet, he's got his own apartment, he has to pay his own bills, he's married... When does he have time to run around in tights and save the day? I think he lives a full enough life for people to not even consider him as Superman. So, I don't think its necessarily the glasses, or the baggy clothes, or the posture, or the other hairdo that fools everybody, (although they're a major help) It's Clark Kent himself.

Posted by couzinit99

lol that isnt the best mask G-Man, i think there are more quality ones out there lolol, but anyway yeah they dont really conceal anything at all lol
Posted by SpiderMew

You didnt pull the mask down far enough. A really good custom made mask wouldnt have to obscure periferal vision if it was like in the shape of your face, atleast arround the eyes.
Posted by G-Man
@couzinit99: $4 bucks at the party store!!
Posted by Branagin77



So True!!
Posted by batmanboy11

LOL! Great video. Anyway, a domino mask is not enough, if you have a mask like Batman's or Daredevil's though, then I think it would work. And there is no way in heck that glasses will help you to keep a secret identity. That's the thing that's always bothered me about Superman. 
P.S.; Nice "flying" :P
Posted by MrGutts
@ateygheyev:  hahah yeah come over to my yard and see how far that mower can go.   Gas power!!
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Masks work if the person's identity is so cut off from soceity that no one recognizes you. 
Glasses, How in the world does mobody realize that Clark Kent is Superman, people are reaally stupid. 
still, thats cool mask and I want one. 
PS: Use Sun Glasses and maybe a wig or something, They always work.
Posted by phantomzxro

I think full mask can work but anything short of that really will not cut it. superman maybe the only guy to pull off just the glasses because he looks like a everyman and not many people will see both up close on a normal bases. But even then anyone close to clark should have put two and two together but that is the world of comic books.
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.
@G-Man: I got a jolly good laugh out of that one G-Man! great stuff! btw, can we borrow that mask for our honeymoon?.....
Posted by TheHood

This may be the best video I've ever seen on Comic Vine. Thanks, G-Man!

Posted by JuniorMints

I want the double mask.

Posted by NerdKing25

Fantastically Lame! I loved it 

Posted by G-Man
@batmanboy11 said:
"  P.S.; Nice "flying" :P "
This is what happens when I get into the office early and start playing around. Sure Joey could've made me really appear to fly but I thought my awesome green screen skillz would fit the video better.
Posted by Erik

When you pulled a Clack Kent at the end, you really did look different so maybe it does work.....