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I'd say a job that helps them with their hero work in some way or form.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Detective Work might be fun. Or maybe a CEO of a company

Posted by kingofallrobots

Manual labor ,like working in a warehouse ,would keep them humble and in good shape.

Posted by Baron_Emo

lol G-man, you have the best job ever. 

Posted by Captainthunder

Banks have good hours usually closing before 5 pm and on holidays and they seem to bring in a lot of criminals to catch.  So I would have to say a job at a bank would be the best.

Posted by dewboy01

my reality powers to jump time in space, multiverse, and imagin anything that comes out of my head is the only job i can possess, i don't need money, buy things, and pay bills, i rather have everything for free.

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owning your own store or company is the easiest job for a hero. being your own boss and having workers to look after the shop when you have business to attend to. but everyone has to start somewhere, maybe superman should have made his fortress of solitude in the middle on NYC and made it a shopping mall =] of coarse it might have a lack in solitude, it would have a knack for funds
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Man with a Van

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i find it irony when you mention something financial in your video, photographer!