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Posted by Grimoire

If he was off world on a tropical by unpopulated planet then I'd say he could. On Earth it would be overly complicated.

Posted by nightwing91

Superman would never take a vacation, the one time him and Lois did after there honeymoon. Adam Grant was murdered by the toyman robot. So I think he learned his lesson.

Posted by thebluephoenix

I think that's not just a Superman thing. I'm pretty sure that once you don the tights you're pretty much making a full time commitment. Once you become a superhero you become part of the active eco-system, so to speak, and removing yourself from said ecosystem leaves a lot of the people who where depending on you completely at a loss. I think even if Superman couldn't hear the cries for help, his conscience would still keep bringing him back.

Posted by B'Town

It would be fine with me if Superman took a really really really long vacation.  He could get some earplugs and head gear maybe even a motorcycle helmet to put on to muffle the noise and then fly off to some distant galaxy far far away.   
:}  Go Supes go get a little R&R.

Posted by MrGutts

First, turn around and shoot those birds in the back ground.  They are noisy!
To me I always thought Superman's hearing was a volutary muscle, not a involuntary muscle. Just like his x-ray vision and heat vision he controls like a switch.  It's not always on, but he would have to sorta focus and turn it on.

Posted by Danial79

He could vacation on the Moon perhaps... Anywhere the sound wouldn't get to I guess

Posted by G-Man

He did leave the planet in the 80s for a bit. Had a little breathing thing and left. Came back with a beard.

Posted by Warlord

superman has taken breaks and vacations before. 
other heroes ahve as well. 
if superman felt guilty that he wasnt saving people on vacation then he wouldnt have a secret identity and waste time on a career when he could be saving people
Posted by Jynxnet

Supes has tried to go on vacation before, but he just always gets pulled back to help when he tries to take a serious break. 
But honestly, Superman is doomed to the life of never getting a real break. 
True heroes can rest when they are dead.