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I don't know. I think I like it. I don't mind the blue stripes at all. Will have to see it in action through the pages to judge again. If those were gray colored though, might ve looked better.

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@Nick-SV(ril):  They probably won't be blue.

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@G-Man:  Ah, good point. I seem to have forgotten those two other arts. I guess that had to do with the artist?  Is there a bigger image of this one from the video? The cape also looks blue-ish enough in this one. Maybe thats why the stripes too.
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@G-Man:  Great, thanks.
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this suit looks very cool, I like the stripes. 

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I love the gloves and the chest plate but not the pin stripes. But hey it's better than having nipples!

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it looks good but why the new costume ?
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I really do like Bruce's new costume. I have always liked the yellow bat symbol but the blue pin stripes are cool too. G-Man you are too funny I am gonna go put two strips of blue tape on everything I wear now. LOLJK maybe not
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Oh how i wish they did something like spider-man 2099 with batman's costume. But i guess that defeats the purpose of being the dark knight if your suit is over complicated and brightly colored.

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@comicguy9 said:
"gay "

Were you talking about Batman's new costume or G-man's video?
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" gay "
Sweet comment, comicguy9!
I agree, TOOOOOOOOOTALLY homosexual!
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"gay "

Gay? strange......he doesnt look happy
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I really liked the way Bruce's new suit looks in the two earlier art pieces.  In the new one (with that blue shading), it looks kinda... meh.
I blame that on bad coloring, though, not bad costume design.

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I don't minds the strips so much as the yellow bat-symbol on the chest. If he's always getting shot at, why would you want something bright such as that pointing out your center mass point? It's as if the costume is screaming, "Shoot here!! This is wear my heart is located!". I get that it kind of works as a shielding for that spot. It just feel silly having such a bright spot there.
Though, I've often referred to Robin as Decoy, because of his uniform.
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" @Nick-SV(ril): 
             I don't know what wrong with some people, but I think this new suit looks pretty cool!
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I like G-mans blue pinstripes better.

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i like it

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I don't think its a bad costume, I just don't think it feels like Batman.  It's too...vibrant....?

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yea the yellow is to draw shots to his chest where he has kevlar, rather than the face. 
as revealed in a few issues throughout his history
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@Armani said:
" I don't think its a bad costume, I just don't think it feels like Batman.  It's too...vibrant....? "
agreed. it reminds me of Adam West. it wont last.
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New G-Man costume!
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It's a cool looking suit, but I still prefer the one he had prior to Final Crisis (i.e. with the all black bat symbol). 
Of course, Dick is wearing a variation of that one now, so it makes sense to be distinguishable from Bruce considering they're doing the "more than one Batman at the same time" thing. 

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G-Man, I don't know what you're smoking, but pass it around.  The pinstripe dance/walk thing cracked me up.

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I like the look.

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Is it wrong that watching this still makes me laugh at myself?