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When are we going to get an Aquaman film???

Posted by batman_begins

There was a reason they replaced Aquaman with Shazam as there is a big rumor about Throne of Atlantis being the next DCAU film. Really hope so with that one. People need to see just how awesome Arthur is. And pretty sure we'll get Trinity War, but my goodness, that has to be at least 100 mins long. Please, not 75 mins.

Posted by lifeboy

Where's the "Showcase" featurette sucker???

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Posted by MrMazz

JAy Olivia is a seriously underated filmmaker when it comes to animation. Man I wantt o see this movie already.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Let us hope then Throne of Atlantis is done into a film then and that they didn't just screw Aquaman over. So far Oliva looks like he's done a great job with this though, I must admit!