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Great interview loving his work at the moment and i am looking forward to his work in Batman Eternal and zero year jason todd

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This 'stephanie brown' character better be worth all the fanfare and publicity. Definately getting batman: eternal

Posted by Mucklefluga

He seems so passionate about his work, cannot wait to read his stories in Eternal.

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Batman internal, and it's weekly? Don't we have enough batman books already -_-, now we get this and Harley Quin...

Also, if they put Stephanie and not put her as batgirl, or do that and never show Cass again as black bat... ah -_-

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@2cool4fun: @mucklefluga: I kinda took batman: eternal as stories of spin-off characters like- stepanie, barbera, tim, dick and jason. Less to do with batman. Was that your take?

Posted by Jake Fury

Love his work on Talon and RHATO.

Posted by 2cool4fun

@lifeboy: Not really, it will be about batman, i mean it's his 75th anniversary, it will just be filled with him interacting with a lot of other bat related characters.

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I think he's a good writer don't get me wrong, but get him off red hood and the outlaws

Posted by wessaari

they should have this and cancel Batman: The Dark Knight but they want because Batman is just dollar signs to DC

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Looooove the announcement of Stephanie Brown :) Tynion rocks RHatO in my opinion.