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I don't understand why they would change the artist after 4 freaking issues, i mean what the f**k is the point to draw only 4 issues?

Also thank you, he is taking over Action Comics, just please, for the love of god fire Lobdel from superman, if they are already getting rid of him from teen titans, then get rid of him from superman!!!!

Bring him back on Red Hood or something, he is the one who came up with the idea to give Jason his own book.

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@2cool4fun: calm down. Pretty sure it's just for the arc. Many comics rotate artists by arcs.

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Batman/Superman has been a lot of fun. Tempted to give Action a go. Aaron Kuder's pretty awesome. Loved his Parasite Villains Month issue.

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Kuder's the new Action artist? That's so great. I am really tempted to pull this now.

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Such a cool, guy. But, man, can he talk XD

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Alright! Ready for Action.

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I love this man

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He seems really nice.

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Awesome stuff. Pak really seems to get the characters.

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He's seems legitimately cool!

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you didnt go over his enternal warrior stuff:( Or his Turok

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@cavemold said:

you didnt go over his enternal warrior stuff:( Or his Turok

At the DC section of the convention?

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@cavemold said:

you didnt go over his enternal warrior stuff:( Or his Turok

At the DC section of the convention?

should have, Eternal Warrior is awesome

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Hmmm...Greg Pak doesn't look anything like I would have expected. Glad he's finally getting to work with some high profile characters. Hopefully he doesn't end up receiving the regular DC treatment.

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I wish I started Batman/Superman because looking at the previews and reading a bit of the story was just amazing at a glance.

Will be waiting for first volume in trade!

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I am pumped for Pak on Action--it has seriously been languishing under Lobdell and Batman/Superman has been great (aside from the art), really excited to see more Pak on Superman.

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@cavemold said:

you didnt go over his enternal warrior stuff:( Or his Turok

Wait! What?!?

... doing some research...

Dynamite Entertainment ushers in the return of four classic comic series – Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Solar: Man of the Atom, Magnus: Robot Fighter, and Doctor Spektor — through a new licensing agreement with DreamWorks Classics. The publishing company has signed four of today’s most sought-after writers: Greg Pak on Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Frank Barbiere on Solar: Man of the Atom, Fred Van Lente on Magnus: Robot Fighter, and Mark Waid on the long-lost hero Doctor Spektor. Contributing artists will include Mirko Colak, Cory Smith, and more to be announced. Dynamite will launch the beginning in February 2014.


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You know what I mean?

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Thank GOD he is taking over Action.

Since the New 52 launch Action has been an awful book, and it needs to be one of the staples at DC.

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Will be so great to have him on Action. Action for once may take the forefront and be a possible worthy challenger to Snyder Batman now I think.

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