Posted by Trodorne

Im very interested to see this. especially with the aspect of Mark Hamil being in this movie. Ill definitely support this. I always love the idea when writers who do a comic already have a movie in their mind and draw out exactly how they see it in their mind. so it makes the translation from Comic to movie a bit easier. obviously there are going to be edits and changes but that happens.

good luck to them on the production and can't wait to see it. Good interview Sara

Posted by SavageDragon

Hmm not familiar with any of the characters or story but hell, looks wild best of luck to them.

Posted by hyenascar

Never heard of it, but the empathetic side of me always roots for new projects. I'm giving a hardy golf clap to Sarah for bringing a light to people outside the NYCC to New Gen.

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Between the the way the guy said "at the comic-con," him saying "I always thought it would be a movie," and "the comic is to launch the movie" and his bragging about the big (is $80 million big for a movie?) budget, I think this may not be for me.

Great interview though Babs, you hit all the major points, even if they missed on some of their answers.

Posted by SimonM7

Th...those are the costumes? :O

I hope they are.. uh... lit differently in the film.. or something.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I will admit I'm not too familiar about this but I am remotely interested now after watching this. Of course, they had me at Mark Hamill.