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Never seen this guy before. I liked Talon issue 0. I will stick with it for now and see where it goes, cool premise, I hope I like issue 1.

Posted by HoodlumNoHavoc

Can't wait to pick up Talon #1 at the end of the month. James is awesome!

Posted by Mucklefluga

@SavageDragon: He's quite new to the industry

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

He's pretty good from what I'v seen of him so far, I liked Talon #0 and all the back-ups he's been envolved with

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Welcome to the comic book industry. Now stay the hell away from Liefeld and Bendis as much as you can.

~The Fans

Also you guys put the wrong Talon on the Dig Deeper

it's this one http://www.comicvine.com/talon/29-84206/

Posted by Loki9876

he looks cool.

Posted by doordoor123

Hes a really great talent. Not only in the sense that he is a great writer, but he seems really loyal and nice. I can't see him pulling a Millar, Liefeld or Waid. He seems really genuine.

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Really loved the stuff he has written. Talon 0 and the backups he wrote are all great stories. I look forward to what he delivers next.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Pretty interesting guy I say! Seems he's finally broken into the big leagues and is gaining valuable experience. Don't get the Talon title myself but he certainly is making my interest in the title grow.

Posted by G-Man

And you can see that Geoff Johns also endorses this book. Can't wait to read issue #1.

Posted by YMCMB

He needs to lose a couple pounds, get contacts, a new haircut, and maybe shave that beard. Otherwise, I like his writing so far and he seems chill.