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this guy is awsome

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Could you imagine this guy doing the Inhumans? That would make such a good T.V. show because of the Inhumans being a society. Each seperate show focusing on a totally differant character and just have the Royal family be side characters every show.

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His name is spelled incorrectly, it should be "Guillermo del Toro".

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It would be great to have a ( better) Swamp Thing movie produced. Guillermo del Toro would be the man for the job. No doubt.

@Xanni15: I just caught that as well.

Just to add, good question by Sara about the possible Hulk TV show we've been hearing about all the time.

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Love this guy's movies. However, PAN'S LABYRINTH was often visually beautiful at times but the plot was littered with holes. I still really liked the BLADE he did, and I love watching HELLBOY and listening to his commentary. I love listening to his thoughts on the creative process.

It's too bad he only does monsters. Since Nocenti ruined Catwoman in DC. I've been sort of imagining a variety of creators taking a shot at remaking her. What Nolan and Burrton did were alright for the movies, but not the comics. It's Burton's fault for popularizing that stupid alley cat thing, and Nolan's version was pretty bland and wanted out of her life. Frank Miller's version is still my personal favorite.

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Hellblazer by del Torror? Hell Yea

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Sara's arm is getting tired :(

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@Superguy0009e said:


Seconded, Thirded ...

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I really am thinking about getting that three part graphic novel that will be the prelude to the Pacific Rim story we will see in theatres next year. Nutshell Murders show huh? Definitely sounds like it has a crime noir feel to it and I'm intrigued!

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love that man!

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His name is spelled incorrectly, it should be "Guillermo del Toro".

You're wrong, it should be "Awesome"

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After hearing him talk with Ken Levine on the Irrational podcast, I will happily listen to anything he has to say..

Dude is awesome!!!!!!

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I love monster movies AND robots! I hope this movie is great.

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What a boss. If he did a Doc Strange or Swamp Thing movie I would be one of the happiest people in human history. Good god, that would be a whole new level of epic

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Imagine if he had been the director on Constantine....would've been so awesome. Swamp Thing, w/ the "real" version of Constantine also involved would be even more awesome.