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Day two looked like fun. Sleep tight, you two. I see there's a Tardis. Just jump in there and you can go back to day one and cover anything you missed.

Only down side to convention season is there are often too many videos at once to keep up with. So, it's a good problem to have.

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Excellent wrap up you two! Wow, so much stuff having seen and already my head feels like its going to explode...and I'm not even attending it!

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I can't come to comic con cause I live in Belgium.

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The whole time I was at comic con I kept an eye out for the two of you, but i didn't see you :\ maybe today or tomorrow I'll find you >:3

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Was that Slender Man dancing?


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Comicvine. The best website for comic news.

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I watched all videos and they were all awesome. Thanks!

But now the hole day is gone. So much content.

Keep it up! :D

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Looks like a really neat show. Thanks, Sara and Casual Tony.

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Seeing all those cosplayers makes me wish Norm was there to take photos like he did at San Diego.

Looking forward to more videos from Tony and Sara.

And Tony, Sara was right, it looks good without a tie.

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Thanks for the pic and the gifts, Tony. I was the guy who asked for a pic at the "Injustice: Gods Among Us" booth.

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It's nice to see that you guys are having fun! Cool! :D