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What you doing next Timm?

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With Dark Knight Returns, it's VERY natural to split it in 2. It divides cleanly between Batman vs the Mutants, and Batman vs Superman. The one thing I've consistently disliked about every DC direct to video movie Bruce Timm has done is that they feel too short, I welcome the idea of splitting up the movies if it means we get more of the stories.

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lol they single handedly ruined batman superman Apocalypse with that farm scene at the end. made darkseid into jobberseid.

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This man is my hero.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Superman Unbound.
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@SandMan_: ooh I'v not heard of that, whats it about?
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Awesome! Timm really is hitting homeruns in DC' animated world as of late and I hope he continues that wicked streak for some time!

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Superman : Brainiac basically.
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Why no internal narrative. Ask the goddam question! :)

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Make Bruce Timm the producer of the upcoming live-action Justice League movie. Nothing should be made without having this dude look at first.

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Great interview, Sara! And I find it interesting that Bruce Timm admitted that "Frontier" should have been broken down into two parts. Admittedly, that is my least favorite DC Animated direct to video film (along with Superman: Doomsday). However, he's done a superb job with the rest of the films! And I agree with , he should be involved with the live action Justice League movie!!!

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

What you doing next Timm?

Aside from Superman: Unbound, there's also Justice League: Flashpoint (based on you know what)... and I don't know if he's going to be involved in this one, but the third animated film they confirmed there was Lego Batman: DC Heroes United.

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What a god

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This dude hasnt aged well lol...