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He looks kind of like Walter from Breaking Bad but with a goatee.

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Loving the coverage for this event guys. I don't usually say that about Comicvine. I feel like it is an actual "experience."

Would have liked a longer interview out of this though. Maybe more follow-up questions. He wouldn't really open up.

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Best Writer Alive After Moore

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@pspin said:

He looks kind of like Walter from Breaking Bad but with a goatee.

That was my first thought when I saw the thumbnail of this video.

Wow not the most eloquent speaker unless she ambushed him, good writer though.

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Great interview Brian! Sike!!!!! What an awkward dude. Good writer though.

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what a horrible interviewee

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Lucky for me I don't pay to hear him speak, just write. And he can sure write!

Sorry you had to sit through that Babs, I felt awkward just watching it- But thanks for the interview!

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Azzarello's Wonder Woman is from month to month one of favorite books. He shredded everything we thought we knew about Diana and literally destroyed her world. How appropriate that Cliff Chiang is using his likeness in portraying the god of war.

Even though the world around Diana is different, I have to agree with Azzarello that she is still the same character as she was before. Her personality hasn't change. Her compassion is still there even though she a warrior. Sure, her origin is different, but it wasn't enough to change her in the present.

My favorite line from the series so far reads:

“Really? You strip yourself of your best defense against a god?”
“My defense? My cuffs were yours.”

My jaw dropped when I read those words. In the scene, Azzarello highlighted the strength that's always been a part of Wonder Woman's character but was often downplayed or ignored entirely in previous incarnations of the character. He's doing a fantastic job of representing her as a character worthy of memebership in the DCU's Trinity.

Not bad for a writer who didn't like the character before he started writing her.

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Good stuff Babs.

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Interesting how he disagreed with Babs that he didn't change Wonder Woman, but that the WORLD about her changed. Is it me though or did he seem like he was holding out on her a lot? Is he not inclined to be interviewed? Just curious really.

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"I have no desire to write superhero comics" Brian Azzarello a couple of years ago after doing Superman with Jim Lee.

Mr. Azzarello, I believe you...

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: Its apparently just how he does interviews

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This guy is FUNNY. lmao. More from him please.

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I like Azz, he's a pretty cool dude

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I think this really highlights the difference between when James give you hard a time in a playful manner and when someone is really being difficult. Maybe he had read the Wonder Woman article previously or review of #0 and took offence? I thought his comment about not changing Wonder Woman was ridiculous. If she has a father now that's an obvious change. Still Wonder Woman remains one of my favourite books love getting each month and you guys constantly talking it up was actually what convinced me to give it a chance.

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Should have been a longer interview. Awww no info on his future projects :(

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Azz always gives the most awkward interviews. lol

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@pspin said:

He looks kind of like Walter from Breaking Bad but with a goatee.

Walter White from Breaking Bad has a goatee

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@Outside_85: Suppose so, still, just seemed rather awkward during the course of the interview though, at least from my point of view.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: Doubt you are alone with it, but according to the interview a Chicago newspaper did with him to mark his 50th birthday Brian is the sort of person who replies in very few words most of the time (which they note before the actual interview began).

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@Fantasgasmic: I guess, I consider goatees longer than what Walter has but either way, they look like each other

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I really do love his work right now, didn't use to like hist stuff but im enjoying nearly all of his current stuff.

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I love that man. 

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I hate to say it Sara but I think Azz was justified in giving you a hard time about your "changes to Diana" question. The best parts in Wonder Woman come from the new interpretation of the Greek Pantheon and their divine politics. You should've asked more about his vision ultimate of Greek mythology in the new DC universe. Good job otherwise. Can't wait to check out more videos later in the week.

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I love Brian Azzarello. Not only is he a fantastic writer, but also because in a NYCC video where a DC creator had to pick one New 52 title to recommend, Azzarello gave the best answer, hands friggin' down.

I mean you have Jim Lee, Cliff Chiang, Lee Bermejo, Andy Diggle, Grant Morrison, Gregg Hurwirtz, Geoff Johns and Adam Glass recommending excellent stuff like Action Comics, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Batman and Robin, Earth 2! And what does Brian Azzarello recommend?

Hawk and Dove. Because when he read it he felt like he was 11 years old again.

Like I said, best damn response ever.

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That was the best interview ever!! Azz didn't answer any of Sara's questions... And i agree he did changes her, She have a father now and that alone is a big change already, i also don't like a man being her instructor.

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Wish he'd be a little more gracious.

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This guy is a pure egotistical idiot. I really just think he´s a moron every time I see him.