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i wish he was able to do a spidey mini series.
he always says this about a new spawn movie , hate it !!!!

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@skaarason said:
" i wish he could do a spidey mini !!!! "
This would be sooooo awesome!!!
I recently read Spider-Man Torment and it was great.
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Hee hee... when you first look at the player, it appears that Sara is conducting an in-depth interview with McFarlane's sunglasses.

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The only thing we get here on this side of earth from Mcfarlane, are their toys, and we want them to keep them going.

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Todd McFarlane is awesome. I got into comics because of Spawn. I understand he has a lot on his plate, but I wish he would do more art.

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Does he still draw anymore or does he have clones that do his work and he just signs everything?

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I want the animation and movie and my copy of 200 asap lol , Spawn and Todd are both brilliant

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sell some of those baseballs if the economy is so bad for you.

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I can't believe Spawn made it to issue 200.  I gave up on him and the other Image characters like a year or so of them being around.
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Awesome interview! Good to  see TMC is still trying to do it his way!

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great interview Sara. 
sigh , I miss Todd on Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, those were the days.

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I dont know about everyone else but I love the idea for the Spawn movie.
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@the_fallen11: Me 2 :D
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Awesome man!  ^_^ Todd <3 waaaa! :D

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Sounds ok, but i doubt we'll see it anytime soon, if at all...