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this interview was fun to watch.  cool guy, cool guy.

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My Michael Jackson skillz are way off...

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This was an excellent interview!  I never got a chance to read any of Gates' Supergirl run.  Hopefully, I can find the trades, because the dood seriously seems to give a damn about the character. 
I had to watch this twice, though, because the first time was mostly dedicated to laughing at the guys in the back doing the sly "I'm totally not checking out this lady interviewing this dood, but I totally am".  LOL

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iam gonna miss Sterling and Jamal.
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I am sad that he is not doing Supergirl anymore 

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My girlfriend will love this interview... she's been trying to get me to read Gates' Supergirl for a while now.  I like how guileless he was... a man willing to dance before a crowd of strangers is more transparent than not.

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Awww Sara! Why'd you hit Sterling! 
Awesome interview... I haven't read his run on Supergirl but I promise I will... It's on my to-read list!

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What a great interview!  I missed it even though I was 3 feet away.  I'm still amazed that more con patrons didn't barrel right over me trying to get into the shot.  ;-)
Loved the dance-off.  And Sara's being humble, she schooled the entire stage for the duration of the song!

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Awesome interview!  Sterling seems like such a cool guy!  I'm really gonna miss him and Jamal on Supergirl.  Hopefully the two of them have a cool project to go to.
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Love these sort of interviews!
Cool stuff!~
There's a GREEN LANTERN in the backgroud! XD
Also, loved the little dance at the end! 
It's ON!!

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I really getting into the Supergirl series. I never knew that she's so unpredictable at times. lol I just got to Sterlings start in the series and it great IMO. 
Btw the dancing at the end was hilarious. lol

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I love Supergirl right now! I can't believe he has to leave it. I hope whoever ends up writing it next does as great a job as he did.

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@Babs:  Thanks for that interview, Sara. It turned out great! Always a pleasure talking with you, and as soon as I can tell people about the next thing I'm working on, you'll be one of my first calls. :)
Oh, and I agree with jeffreyc, you completely schooled us on that stage. :D