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Posted by Mainline

Nice.  Slott got a huge response at the Next Big Thing panel.

Posted by sora_thekey

I am very excited for Spider-Man Big Time! 
Dan Slott is awesome as always...

Posted by TwoOneFive

giant microphone hahaha 
probably not that big, your just a shawty haha

Posted by Jolt92

Dan Slott seems like a sweet guy. Glad I'm starting to pick up Spider-Man at #648

Posted by The Hobgoblin

Yes!!! Hobgoblin! I am a little worried about what his "twist" will be, though.

Posted by NXH

I havent read Spider-Man since the whole BND thing started for obvious reasons, but I am really excited for this new arc. Ramos and Caselli. Two of my favourite artists and I think Dan Slott is starting to become one of my favourite writers. He seems such an awesome guy. I still remember the last time Sara did an interview with Slott back at CECE2 or something it was. He doesnt seem like hes up his own arse like Bendis and Miller are. 
The kind of guy I could imagine having a decent conversation with. =]

Posted by Bald Eagle
@The Hobgoblin said:
"Yes!!! Hobgoblin! I am a little worried about what his "twist" will be, though. "

I feel the same about that. 
Dan Slott mentions MJ being his best friend and knowing his secret.  Like she's the one he can turn to.  And she couldn't do that as his wife?
Posted by Undeadpool
@The Hobgoblin said:
" Yes!!! Hobgoblin! I am a little worried about what his "twist" will be, though. "
He's Uncle Ben FROM THE YEAR 2299!!!...oh wait, Peter David already used that as an atrocious twist... 
Peter David, the King of Hit or Miss. 
Dan Slott, on the other hand, I loooove.
Posted by kungnima

Love him!
I'm so gonna get this.

Posted by Grimoire

I'm not really versed in Spider-man lore like most but if it looks interesting I mean take a look. 

Posted by Deadcool

I LOVE THAT GUY, he is on my personal list of favourite writers... 
My body is ready...

Posted by InnerVenom123

I'm going to miss three times a month. But Slott's worth it.... 
Also, Mr. Negative is the best post OMD villain made.

Posted by daveydavey

Im Glad that Amazing is going twice a month. Save some cash hopefully more Quality....not that the past issues are bad :)