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Posted by Bald Eagle

Good interview.  I know some people aren't thrilled with how Bendis is writing the Avengers, but I think adding the red Hulk to the team should be interesting.
Posted by kungnima

Haha poor G-man : D

Posted by BringBackPowerPack

He seems like a pretty awesome guy.  No wonder his writing is as good as it is.

Posted by sora_thekey

Tony's fashion sense has been criticized... What will he do next?!?!
This interview was awesome!
I am so happy when creators compliment this site, especially someone like Bendis! 
Last year at SDCC I was wearing my Chris Giarrusso Comic Vine shirt and Jim McCann stopped me after a panel and said to me that he loved my site so much that he used this database more that Marvel's...
Of course I did correct him after that saying that it wasn't my site and I was just a user but I still agreed with him on how awesome CV is!
Also... what was the big announcement from Cup O Joe?

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Wait... is Bendis, a man that looks like an inflated Verne Troyer, criticizing someone else's appearance? Besides, at least Tony doesn't wear the same damn thing all the time...   

Three months ago...
Three years ago... 
Buy some more shirts, bro.

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well played. while anyone would look second best sitting next to a knockout like babs, for BmB to have a go at Tony here and the iFanboy guys elsewhere, fuggly bugger that he is, is low. these are the guys who read &  evangelize your work every week. grow up.
Posted by ImperiousRix

Where a lot of writers seem like it's tough to picture them writing the way they do, you can totally tell where Bendis gets all the humor in his books from.   
Awesome interview, Babs.

Posted by zombietag

thats cool he complimented the website. 
"sentry died, i dont know if you saw that"  hahahaha

Posted by Hunter114

It's like Babs is the superhero and G-Man is the sidekick...

Posted by wingster

Who's G-man? :o)

Posted by Deadcool

Well.. I like G-man clothes...

Posted by goldenkey

Is he always this chipper or just when he's being interviewed by hot women.  Still it's good to writers so into what they are doing and excited.  I agree with everything he said about the Romita's and Jansen., and no one draws actual fights better then JRJR.  There are better artists sure, but none that can draw an actual fight sequence like him.  Punch for punch.  So much like a story board for a film
Posted by Eyz

Bendis comics have been mostly hits and misses, at least from my eyes...
Ultimate Spidey was fun. The Ultimates started strong but later became a bit...huh... boring/dull..?
I guess it really depends on the type of characters he writes.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Great interview. LOL @ Bendis dissing G-man.
Posted by iLLituracy

I've seen Bendis wearing t-shirts and cargo shorts. He has no room to talk.

Posted by Nyo

Bendis ownes =)

Posted by UpUpAndAway

bendis visits the site? oh my.....he could have an account........one of us could be michael bendis >.>    <.<