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I gotta say, I am in love with Peter Nguyen's Rogue as Scarlet Spider. Immediately one of my favorite cross-over ideas of all-time.

Posted by iceslick

Yeah, that was definitely a very cool idea to see Rogue as a Scarlet Spider. But I'm still think that Peter Nguyen's Rogue didn't come out as he wanted it to. Because he kept changing the hand and he decided to just ended instead of adding on after some coloring. :-( It was still great either way. I loved Todd Nauck's of course and Anges was quite cute for me. I actually liked it a lot. Chris's was fine but it really didn't fit the challenge for me. I mean, come on Tony said "Spider" not "Spider-Man", lol.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Nice video.

Posted by Cuboid

I really liked all of these.

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@captaintightpants12: Rogue Spider is a great name if she ever wants to steal Peter's powers permanently

Posted by Bl00dwerK

I though the "Really?" was pretty funny! Nice work by everyone...

Posted by kcvic

great art what was the music behind it?

Posted by Darkmount1

I would've thought that at least one of the artists would find a way to parody the old "Little Miss Muffet" nursery rhyme.

Posted by G-Man

@kcvic: There were four different tracks. Different licensed music from the CBSi library.