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Posted by KEROGA

Love Magneto! and Todd Nauck's style

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@g_man How about Wonder Woman and a yoyo for the next challenge?

Posted by Taskmaster1995

That was so cool! I just got great pleasure out of watching that.

Posted by iceslick

Wow, Brian Booch's was so epically funny! Lol, I loved it! My other top favorites were Todd Nauck, Ray-Anthony, and Joel Gomez. They did it so nice and well and I loved their shading techniques. I didn't like Dustin or Derek, but hey at least they made me laugh with theirs, lol.

Posted by kcvic

Todd Nauck(ed) it out of the park.. nice

Posted by staypuffed

I love Ray-Anthony Height's.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I like Booch and Ray-Anthony Height's the best.

Posted by Pikachunicorn

Omigosh I can't help falling in love with everything Todd Nauck does!

Posted by mint_kjell_olav

I love this feature :-) keep'em coming!

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My contribution....

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What the fuck do I care about CBS sports? I'm in the UK!

Posted by Cuboid

This is probably one of my favourite 'segments' on this site, and I especially loved this one. Maybe Magneto bias.

Posted by Bl00dwerK

My favorite vids, by far! Love the Mystery Art Challenge!!