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I could watch videos of Peter Nguyen and Todd Nauck draw all day. Would love to get some sketches from either of them.

Always like seeing different artists on these videos, and their interpretation of the challenge. Great stuff!

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I kinda maybe want to tear these out of that book and keep them. I won't, because I'm nice.

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Wow, now I understand why this one was so long, the best ones really made an effort to make Doom look so awesome and detailed. I don't know what it is but Todd Nauck always does the best for me and really like Peter Nguyen's Dog Doom hoodie.

@missj: I'm pretty sure you loved Brian's Doom-Puppy. He looked so cute and I think he would be great friends with your Doom Bunny. lol

Ray-Anthony and Joel Gomez was pretty awesome too, I really liked the details. But they were my least favorites compared to the others. I didn't like Derek's, it started it out good, but ended pretty bad I was expecting for him to add more..it looked incomplete to me and Sean "Cheeks" was a disappointment because I barely can see the puppy sleeping there. I had to watch it twice to find the puppy and I usually love his art.

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Like Todd Nauck's! I like where The Booch and Peter Nguyen took their "Doom-puppy" piece.

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Maybe you could use a tripod for the timelapse ? Coz that constant shaking is a little annoying.

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Peter Nguyen made my favorite one for this Mystery Challenge. Those are Dooms Pjs im sure of it.

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Theese soundtracks on spotify ? Really like the music:)

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I love the haunting music too lol !

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Where do you find the soundtracks? I love them

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The music is from the CBS library. It's some licensed stuff they paid for. So thank you CBS!

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Peter and Todd's are my favorite this time.

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Haha, I wasn't expecting Doom to be made into a puppy.

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love the music choices.

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YAY!!!!!! I always look forward to these. Todd and Brian's were my favorite this time around.

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had to flip my computer around to watch.....

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Todd Nauck is amazing.

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Peter's was the most creative IMO, really nice. Todd provided the best art though.

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DoomDog! Hands- er paws down!

What was the music used for Brian Buccellato? It was beautiful.