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You do love Madman.... lol

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Never heard of him....

now I'll look him up

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Do you have the life size bust?

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I have a few Madman action figures, which I was lucky enough to stumble on.  There was the alternate head I was going to get but the store near me closed.  I would need another body too though.  One of the figures is a custom made Madman by my brother, for me.

I also have:
I made a Madman mask for myself for Halloween once, turned out to not really look too good when a person was wearing it though, but later I got the official Madman mask for my birthday.  Or was it Christmas.
I also have the Gargantua book, and was lucky enough to get a picture with Mike Allred after his Comic Con panel.  Plus he signed a copy I had of Wizard's Guide to Comic Art next to a quote he gave them.
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Madman Madman Madman :)
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This is why I laugh at people when they say "I'm [insert poplar character's name] number 1 fan!" but they cant back it up with fanatical collecting.

For the record, I absolutely love the mod job Superboy figure. It looks like an official Madman figure! :)