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Posted by AlKusanagi

What about the Heroes for Hire?

Posted by thanosrules
Posted by G-Man

@thanosrules: I don't really consider the Heralds an official team. What's their warcry? "For Galactus!"? "Galactus is hungry!"? "It's dinner time!"? Are the Star Masters really and truly masters of stars? Do they know the history and density of them?

Posted by thanosrules

@G-Man: I stand corrected. 100%. My emotion clouded my judgement.

The Heralds have come together in the past due to their linked ability to control the Power Cosmic.... so their name should be something like the "Power Cosmics"... lol

The Star Masters may be the closest thing to a team of "masters" for the stars we have available to us... many of them do have Cosmic Awareness (or access to someone who does). Galactus can create starts, so he would be a good member, but sadly, he is a loner. :)

BTW - I really liked this video. GREAT original video idea. You come up with the coolest stuff! :)

Posted by G-Man

Aw man, I could've used this image last week.

Posted by GothamRed

I don't dwell on the x-men's name because x-people is less catchy, and probably less marketable.

Posted by kennybaese

Names are dumb.

Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

Is Tony going crazy?

Posted by kartron

There's top cow's ARTIFACTS. Hmm... Now is that a meaningful name?

Posted by xerox_kitty

This made me laugh so much! Especially the critique against the X-Men (although even the New Mutants aren't called the New Mutants any more; they just use the old name to rip off old fans ;) And I didn't guess the 'Perfect Team Name' revelation! :)

Here' another one to consider.. the Runaways. Because... they all ran away from home! But just how long can they keep running away?