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I would rather have Bison in this game but I can't find too much to complain about with the roster so far.

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Damn I wish I could afford a next gen system.
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Wow! Akuma was awesome to watch.

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I kinda hate the way this game looks.

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Oh how many a friend I have angered with the Instant Hell Murder. Akuma, welcome back. I heart you.

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Did they speed up the ability of Instant Hell Murder ?  I swear it looks much faster in getting from point A to point B than any iteration before.  This game is looking insanely juggle happy

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id rather have Roll than Akuma
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She-Hulk and Deadpool look like they are wearing PJs

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@cjay28 said:
" She-Hulk and Deadpool look like they are wearing PJs "
I think that was deferent skin's, because "Gary-Hulk" is also in it.
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Akuma is one of my favorite characters in Capcom side.  Although I agree I would rather have M. Bison.  I think the biggest problem is not enough street fighter characters in the game.

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wait did deadpool in the beginning have a deathstroke color

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i'd get bored of this game real fast....

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@Mina319: Nope. Its an alternate universe Deadpool who's in a new team of X-men started by Wolverine.