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@g_man: Wow, Tony this is such a pretty cool video! I loved it! Are you completely abandoning the pictures format and just capturing the cosplays on video from now on?

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@iceslick: Nope. Since I was moderating three panels, I didn't have time to take pictures to make a full gallery. I'd rather it be a large number of pics. And since we had Joey down to film, I figured this was another way to see the cosplayers and get to see more detail rather than a flat shot.

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Black Panther wins coolest costume hands down. Background Shredder was in second place.

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@g_man: Oh okay cool. I totally understand why you did it now. It can be frustrating to do that and making a video is time convenient. I think this is a cool video feature though. I won't mind you or Joey or who ever it will be if you plan to record me and my boyfriend cosplaying in NYCC. We're planning to cosplay again this year, but again I will keep it a secret on who we will be for now.

@risingbean: Yeah, that Black Panther cosplay was badass!

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Cool! The Superior Spider-Man costume is a winner, Also the Arkham Origins Batman was cool. The bat family there was also well done.

If I may share. I got to stumble on a similar convention that just happened last weekend in the Philippines and got to take pictures of some of the cosplayers like this one.

Spider-Man playing with TARDIS
Not sure if the other one is supposed to be the Symbiote Spider-Man
Also got a chance to meet with current Avengers penciller Leinil Francis Yu.

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That Black Panther costume was PHENOMENAL.

Great video, fun to watch!

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I should have went. I could of but it was a bit too expensive at the moment. Money is tighter than Bautistas jeans.



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Robot Chicken, cool!

No Aquaman and Mera cosplay?

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The Joker at the end had me cracking up. Hilarious. Really cool to see all the cosplayers in action. I liked the Superior Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, and Black Panther.

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That Black Panther!!! Whoa!

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Hahaha...very funny! Thanks for posting!! Oh, and that Black Panther was awesome!!!!

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Those were some great costumes! I loved the guy dressed as joker dancing at the end.

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As they say in the adverts for joker products 'Love that Joker'!

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That's a great video! I love seeing them in action like that. I couldn't make it to this year's LBCC so this made me feel like I was there. Great video can't wait to see more. The Joker with goon at the end was great!

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Black Panther FTW!

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That Sauron tho.

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Black Panther wins coolest costume hands down. Background Shredder was in second place.

Black Panther was awesome.

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the Joker and the henchman were my favorites by far. The 1st Batman is my favorite of them all and Party Man is my song. That part has me in tears laughing every time I watch it lol

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I love the picture galleries, but this is waaaay better. You get a better feel for how the costumes actually look and the time it takes to go through it is more digestible. Plus you get batdancing.

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@nappystr8: I agree. Both have their benefits. This was sort of a last minute thing. I knew I wouldn't have time to do a proper photo gallery. That last bit was perfect and a simple photo wouldn't have done it justice.

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love this video man

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i love