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Posted by VanderSEXXX

I agree with Marv Wolfman when he said the single issues can possibly go digital and the trade paperbacks are what still remain as the printed media. Like here in Asia where bundled comics sell more than single issues, it only makes sense that single issues transcend to digital media.

In-fact in my travels in Asia the only countries I know that sold western single issue comics was South Korea (I dunno if its still there since I last saw that in 1997), Japan (I only saw one shop in Shinjuku), Singapore (again not sure if its still there from 2006), and the Philippines which I can confirm still have a number of thriving comic shops across the big malls within the metropolitan area.

After G-Man asked Gerry Conway about him killing Gwen Stacy I would have followed it up to Marv Wolfman by asking him why he killed Barry Allen in 1985, would've been hilarious then now out of nowhere Johns revives him outta the speed force. Good to see these comic book legends still going strong. I would also ask Len Wein about how he feels with Cornell killing off his creation this year. LOL!!!!

Posted by ScarletBatman

Amazing panel, thank you for filming it Tony!

Posted by G-Man
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What a great panel, it was cool to hear them talk at length. I had a few tiny chats with Mr. Conway when I had him sign some issues of Spectacular Spider-man.