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I love seeing how artists think on their feet

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GL Catwoman!? Madness!!! I think the guy who included Dex Starr or the guy who had Selina inspecting the ring with a loupe should win!

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Cool idea, Catwoman and a GL. Also, nice Atomics shirt. I have that one too. But mine always attracts too much hair, I rarely wear it. I wish I could upload pictures to the site, haven't been able to for months now, but if I could I have a grandiose idea involving Catwoman LOVING being a GL because it makes her job so much easier but then growing tired of it quickly.

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awesome video, it's a toss up between Ray and Todd. Both were totally rad.

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Shouldn't she be orange, or violet lantern corps? Willpower isn't really her thing.

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Laser pen on the wall was fun, Todd's was amazing

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This was a lot of fun, loved them all! Cool idea.

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I prefer the artist with Catwoman inspecting the ring.

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Todd Nauck for the win! Put her personlity in there with her being a theif and inspecting the ring! Always been a favorite of mine anyway since Young Justice!!

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I like Todd Nauck's the best, but all of them were GREAT! Anyone notice Banana man in the background in the last 20 seconds? Its Peanut Butter Jelly time!!!!

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A very entertaining idea indeed, and fun to watch. Thanks guys!

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Todd Nauck's rendition is my favorite. Absolutely phenomenal.

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Great job from every artist!

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Great video!

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Todd Nauck!

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todd nauck+market= awesomeness!!!

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Ray Height's drawing was Awesome.

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That was cool, all great art

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catwoman would probably never be a member of the GL Corps. i see her more as an orange lantern than anything.

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Todd Nauck's drawing was amazing! Detailed and creative. Then again, they were all great.

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Such a great idea to give these artist a fun challenge! Loved Todd N.'s interpretation.

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Todd Nauck killed it!

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Todd Nauck's was probably the most characteristic of Selina...if that made sense...

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I liked the black guys the most because it was a smart idea to have her boobs exposed in the middle of the lantern symbol.

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By the way, G-Man. You should shave. :P

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That's really cool i think i might join in on the fun!

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@The Impersonator: 5 o'clock shadow.

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Ray Heights was awesome... but my biased fave was Peter Nguyen because he included Dexstarr!!!!! hahahaha

also he one projecting on the wall was hilarious

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They were all great! I especially liked Nguyen's

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My favorite challenge whoever thought of doing this you are a genius :D

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Awesome video! Thanks for the inspiration.

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good art and good fun!

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Ahhhhh, Tony has a beard!

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I love these art challenges!

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Todd Nauck nailed it. I immediately thought she'd be more into the ring's actual dollar value than it's power. Pretty sad when the two Marvel artists were far and away the better at this and she's not even in their company's lineup. LOL The DC artists all sucked pretty bad.....

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very informative

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omg Kraven killed himself.

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Interesting, and great idea :D

Love these sort of videos ^^

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These videos never cease to amaze me. It's incredible what artist are capable of, even when they are given crazy challenges. I think Ray Height's was my favourite followed by Todd Nauck.

P.S. Tony, I love the beard. I think you rock it better than anyone at Whiskey (including Will and Ryan).

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Off the top of my mind...

Wouldn't it be more appropriate for Catwoman to be brandishing an Orange Ring rather than a Green one?

I also thought that Catwoman may also qualify for a ring amongst the Star Sapphires - Pink Ring/ or is it Violet?

Most certainly in light of recent events in her new 52 book - Selina may even qualify for a Starring role in the Red Lanterns which could also be a more cohesive approach to adding DexStarr in the mix with her.

-- Just some ramblings --

Nice job with the time-lapse sequences - (could have moved a little faster) - I found myself jumping ahead even at the increased speed.

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Yeah, Todd's drawing was pretty damn good.

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i love this!

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Liking @ToddNauck's the best. And it's a jeweler's loop, or, simply a loop.

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Fantastic video. Really makes me wish I never quit drawing =/

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DRAW BATMAN: i can see it now someone drawn Bruce Wayne sitting in a chair with a baseball bat

where can i get a book with blank pages like those guys, they all seemed to have a similar(same) one

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Wow, these are great :)

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@splittmark: I made artist draw Batman with a Broom in San Diego. As for the book, they all drew in my book. I got it at a craft store (I think) a long time ago. I'm sure places that sell art supplies would have them.

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Tie between Ray Anthony Height & Joel Gomez.