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Her Nightwing outift, Punisher, Ms. Marvel and Psylocke are my favourites, the Nightwing one especially. I'd really like to know what material she's using for the emblem because it goes from her front to her back.

Edit: Just found out. It's Aluminium (really... "aluminum"?) and Carbon Fibre. Geez, that's expensive.

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@kelevra216: I only very recently discovered that it's not "aluminum." Somehow America just decided to ignore the periodic table and millions of us grew up mispronouncing the word.

Nice interview!

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@akbogert: it actually was originally spelled aluminum but change later to aluminium to sound like the other elements on the periodic table. :)

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Her Nightwing and Psylocke costumes are awesome. Cool interview

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Yay! She's by far my favourite cosplayer

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Sexy without showing skin, take note comic creators!

Also to any Con attendees who believe in that "fake geek girl" crap - just sit down and talk to them. They know their stuff. You don't purchase, construct BY HAND, and then wear something like this for 2-3 days unless you know and love the character (or are getting paid a lot of money).

Some of my favorites of her from her dA gallery (http://vampbeauty.deviantart.com/), there's some NSFWish stuff there so you may want to avoid - and you aren't reading this because you've already clicked the link, haven't you?:

Ness (as mentioned in the intervew):


Ms. Marvel:


Black Widow:

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Great interview! Love how she's so down to earth and honest! Looking forward to what she has planned for the future!

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just when I think I can get any more attracted to Nightwing, this happens

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just when I think I can get any more attracted to Nightwing, this happens

This statement is delightful. And so are you, Steg.

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I find it funny that I meet her at WonderCon last year because I had no idea she was a popular cosplayer. She was wearing her civilian clothes and I was talking to what I'm assuming is her boyfriend because they were holding hand when I asked if I could take a flick.

I didn't get to talk to her. I, again, thought she was just a regular fan and her boyfriend was the cosplayer. Her boyfriend was real cool, very down to Earth.

I had a great time at WonderCon this year and Comikaze last year. I really wanted to go to Comikaze this year and HorrorCon but I was too busy and too broke. However, me and my brothers agreed that WE HAVE to go to WonderCon next year.

I loved meeting like minded people at comic conventions. I talked to a lot of cosplayers, and authors (Slott, WAID). It was DOPE to be able to simply chop it up with them.

( +)

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Wow, I am impressed, Comic Vine. Usually any mention of a cosplayer who has attained a degree of success or notoriety (especially the attractive female cosplayers) is chastised by a handful of bitter people who loosely toss around terms like "sexist" and "fake." I don't know what the deleted comments were, but there are no derogatory comments here at the moment.

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A female Nightwing? Gender-swapped costumes usually don't impress me but I really like this

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@shackle: the deleted comments were spam. Everyone's been cool here.