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I will always have stan as my idol
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Stan 'friggn Lee 
He should charge just so others can listen to him speak...his voice is timeless

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definitely a prince among men

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The Man is a legend.

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i love that he says disney will have marvel characters to exploit

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 There are so many reasons Why Stan Lee is my personal Walt Disney but even better that I couldn't possibly name them all but this interview does a pretty good job of illustrating just a few. First off, he talks to people he knows or doesn't know with the same genuine enthusiasm and kindness. Second, He doesn't take all of the credit for himself for the wonderful creations he's helped father, and Third HE'S FREAKIN STAN LEE he doesn't have to do any of the following but he still does. 
I've seen a lot of interviews but that one was one of the best. Great heartfelt questions wonderful authentic answers. Make me feel proud to be a Comic Nerd!

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man hes so amazing. i would love to spend even 10 seconds with him. hes so modest. lucky Babs. lol.

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@Krakoa said:
" definitely a god among men "
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@ViciousCesar!: rofl. my mistake
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Go Stan!
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Man I wish I could meet him.
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He's awesome

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I <3 Stan Lee!

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Stan Lee still has the greatest voice EVER!  I wish I could bottle his vocal awesomeness and just open it once in a while just for a smile.

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He's just so... everything. =)

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The man is just so humble and nice... He deserves everything he's ever gotten

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Hands off! He's mine!
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I wish he was my grandfather... Can you imagine him reading to you when you go to bed?

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i like his new show on the history channel

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Stan lee......a god in comics but a man in real life

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Nice interview

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One man can make a difference... if this man is Stan Lee.

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He is not a man, he's a God.

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I wanna meet him so badly! I would give him autograph before the end of the world. You are so lucky to meet him. I bet you feel so lucky and surprised to meet Stan Lee! you are blessing to have a video by showing us what your experiences are like and your share is with us. Thank you for sharing it with me. 
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That was so cool. I am so jealous!

Thanks to "ComicVine Podcast 10-07-09" for letting me know this interview existed!

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Super Jealous you got to meet and talk with him.. I would have been a babbling mess talking to him

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I want to meet him along with Will Eisner.